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Rodney Reidq

It is a depressing story.

So many men and women have been lost, and in the past 18 months, your chances of getting out of Iraq service if you've ever been in the military seem slim.

Rodney Reid


"NORAD scrambles jets to intercept Russian bombers"

D. F. Facti

Worthy of Joseph Heller.

The Army probably paid a consulting firm 2 zillion dollars to come up with the Flat Daddy concept.


Well, when the White House has Flat Bush, Flat Cheney, Flat Rummy, Flat Condi, etc., it was bound to trickle down to the little people.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Cut them in half, too!

As for the Russian jet stuff: I got the story from a Russian source last night but couldn't focus on writing, I was pretty tired. And the 18181 story shot up into the news again, too!

Will be saying a LOT about the jet scrambling. Um, 911!!!! Yup.

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