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What I can never understand about protests against the USFK is that US forces are only in Korea at the request of the ROK government. If they really want USFK to leave, all they need do is ask. Of course, then ROK would be required to pay for its' own defense, something it wants to avoid at all costs. But that doesn't stop Hanchongrun and other groups from making a fuss about it.


I am quite positive that the rulers in South Korea have something or even a lot to gain from having our troops there. Whether bribes, kickback schemes, or whatever, they profit emmensely, while showing only token support to the peasants who want us gone so they can have their farms and homes back.

Obviously, it is much cheaper for us to keep 30,000 men here in America than in Korea, but that would mean a few at the top could not become filthy rich.

There is always a dark, political motive behind seemingly illogical situations. We are just not allowed to see it until it is way too late to do anything about it.

Actually, now that I think about it, this little game has been going on since the dawn of time. A recent find in Asia shows that myths about an ancient religion based on a Python and other animals is all true, as a huge stone python was unearthed inside a cave where ritual ceremonies were practiced. People would come from hundreds of miles away to make offerings to the python god in this cave.

Nothing wrong with this -- except -- behind the giant stone python was a hidden chamber in which a shaman probably hid and "spoke" for the python. He could also "enter" the python and "disappear" because a tunnel leading from the secret chamber allowed him to crawl out on the mountainside unseen.

So, we are back where we started. It is the Wizard of Oz again and again. All cults are based on this concept. That is, a little man, often with no heart, not much brain, and no courage at all, hiding behind a curtain pulling emotional, psychological, or even physical levers to control others.

Only a few are brave enough to walk up and pull back the curtain and unveil the secret.

This does not mean there are no gods, no spirits, no forces in the world other than ourselves. It simply means that they do not need us to speak for them or write for them. They can do this themselves. If we cannot hear them, see them or feel their presence, then that is our fault -- not theirs.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

So, Toto blew it for the shaman when dogs were domesticated? Heh.

Yes, the hidden pundit: they last only so long as they are RIGHT. when they screw up, they get deposed or their heads are used for kicking ball games.

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