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7.0 hits east coast of Japan. Tsunami warning issued.


Thank goodness the military scientists do not understand these titanic forces and have not tried to think of a way to use them as military weapons.


google HAARP


CK, I am TOTALLY with you. My last post was a weak attempt at humor/sarcasm. ;-)


AHHA a snarker eh!!! What next dear lord? Puns?


"Thank goodness the military scientists do not understand these titanic forces and have not tried to think of a way to use them as military weapons."

Just what do you think caused the earthquake/tsunami of 12/26/04?

Think graviton beam weapon.

(That's the sort of thing that can bring down a skyscraper, too. Hint, hint...)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, Mother Nature has one of those. Called 'exploding stars'.


Haha, great stuff Elaine:
"but that presumes a straight line and I think Mother Nature hates straight lines, she prefers curves, being female (ahem)."

I think when massive earthquakes and volcanoes are triggered, people will be shocked as if they couldn't have known it was coming. We as a species don't appreciate all the signs that mother nature gives us when she is about to bring herself back to equilibrium.

And yes, when the poles flip, there will be a moment when our magnetosphere is weakened. I think that not only will electronics/computers be affected, but our brains as well! The area in and around our heads are very sensitive to electrical and magnetic activity. There's been experiments where low subtle levels of magnetism applied to certain parts of the head can prevent a person from speaking. Of course, it's all speculation, but very interesting to think about.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, evolution in action: extra zaps from the sun will accelerate mutations.

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