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I used to be the webmaster of a website at a Federal facility. In designing the pages, I incorporated da Vinci's famous Study of Proportions. I was forced to take the site down and revamp it when another employee complained that I was putting porn on the web. I responded that ignorance and sanctimoniousness are the ugliest forms of pornography, but "decency" prevailed and the site lost its da Vinci.

Liberal AND Proud

Just another example of the childish, naive and backward U.S.

Europe...here I come.

D. F. Facti

Yeah - they can really afford to lose an award-winning teacher with 28 years' experience in the intellectual Mecca that is Frisco, Texas. The Jiang Qings of Frisco really know how to stick it to those liberal artists, don't they?

Big Al

I said at the time, Any child that hasn't already seen a tit, wasn't properly fed as a child. But it does seem as if the sex pendulum is swinging back again to extreme prudishness, and I don't think it can be stopped.
As a separate item, a couple of Chinese navy vessels is making a friendly call on BC. they will take part in sports and visit the local chinese residents.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Vessel with the Pestle is the brew that is true!



"The Vessel with the Pestle is the brew that is true!


I'm hot, baby, I'm hot!


first of all i totally agree that people overreacted with the whole nude thing but not all texans are fat and art poptarted :P

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Among the blind the one-eyed man is king.

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