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CNN via Raw Story:

"A high school senior was arrested after writing that "it would be funny" to dream about opening fire in a building and having sex with the dead victims, authorities said."

I will have very much to say about all this quite soon, but I have to go out. Arresting this kid was absolutely the stupidest thing I heard of all week. There must be something in the water, 'cause people can't seem to use their brains any more. They should have gotten him to a very good psychologist for prolonged therapy. Now, there are many other kids out there just like this one, having the same thoughts (antidepressants?). Only now, having heard what happened to this kid, they will keep their mouths shut, and not write about things like this. So therefore, they will not be sent for psychological therapy. Instead, they will simply go further and further into their morbid imaginings, and will eventually carry them out.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

If we could peek into each other's brains, oh, what ugly sights we would see!


In the sixties, I was arrested with a group of kids on a fine summer night for tying napkins around black iron fence rods. I happened to be tripping, in fact, peaking on great acid at the time. So I spent three hours being grilled to death by a roomful of deputy dawgs. They, of course wanted me to 'confess' to everything just about up to the assassination of JFK! I beat all the charges (amazing what a good lawyer can do) in the end. But during that three-hour interrogation, I kind of did a Vulcan mind-meld thing with each of the deputy dawgs. I realized that they had absolutely no internal misgivings about trying to get me to confess to all those absurd crimes.

Everybody carries a whole world of reality around inside of their heads. It's seldom ugly. I have even become very fond of some extremely sociopathic folks. In my world, 'good' and 'evil' are merely outward ways of managing difficult constructs. They are not central. The universal reality is that everyone, even someone like Adolph Hitler, feels that they are somehow 'good'. Even guilt-ridden people who obviously despise themselves must always have this little core of self-love. One does not cross to the other side without leaving that little 'good'-'evil', 'love'-'hate' core behind.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Everyone thinks they are god.


Well actually, I do not think I am 'god', or anything like that. All that matters in the end is keeping hold of the infinite sense of wonder.


Well, I bothered to read the kid's essay (it easily googled up). It was rather mediocre.

The amusing part is the commentary at the end where he cites the sources for some of the imagery. This section is well written, even referring to the poor language used in the essay that freaked out the idiots in the school and police dept.


I read his essay at:


The kid's mastery of English is far from optimal. With training and practice, I bet he could be a good writer. The stuff about shooting people and necrophilia and so on does not reflect a deranged personality, from what I can see. It is quite evident that it simply springs from a debauched cultural milieu in which this kid finds himself.

When I was that age, necrophilia was not considered a very interesting concept, and we had far groovier stuff to think about. Like my best friend, who went on to become a small time criminal (but a damn good one, most are so incompetent) would convince me to go with him to the train tracks and throw stones at the cabooses, so the mean old railroad bulls would jump out and try to chase us down! (If you ever hop a freight train, make damn sure to insert a chock in the sliding door channel, else the door will slide and lock you in there, maybe for months!) Then there were always girls, and fixing cars, etc. And hiking and lawn mowing. And visiting virtually nonexistent ancient 'ghost towns'.

This poor kid's life is so circumscribed, and he has no one to explain the basic realities. To the point where he is joining the Marines! I hope this big idiotic farce that has just captured the sick minds of the media voices will keep him out of Iraq. This kid just had his childhood tossed in a gutter by a society that has demolished it's children's culture with its evil media circus.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, Blues, true. So true.

If Shakespeare were writing for a class, imagine that! He wrote some very bloody plays. Heck, virtually no one survives in Hamlet!

This is all so pathetic.

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