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I think some would send you to that island now as a reward and some would send you there to be rid.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. I'll take Bermuda because it has all those banks, too! And you can come along, OK?


I completely agree with the idea of allowing child geniouses to refuse school! I was a child genious and I hated going to school. I didn't learn anything and I thought it was a complete waste of my time. Your idea of the island is fantastic-although a little unrealistic-and deserves consideration. It is almost like William Sidis' idea of a 'perfect life'. He thought living in seclusion with just himself and his books was the perfect way to live...I agree.
Anyways, thanks for sharing your story.

H Catt

My Grandson, age 4, has been dubbed a genious, has a speech impediment, and anger issues. They are trying to decide what to do with him. Oh - he still wears diapers, refuses anything else. I'm not sure what to do with him, but have a school willing to work with him. Wish us, and him, luck.

Kathy V.

Our 2 year old grandson is fun and self motivated. He identifies numbers 1-100 and reads number words. He is passionate about naming animals, colors, shapes and ordinary playing decks of cards. He just turned two in July, speeds through the alphabet and a deck of cards and you can actually watch as he memorizes the cards with his voice, even turning away from them to name them. He says 2 to 3 word sentences, tumbles, shoots baskets, balances and tosses balls perfectly and at age 2 is listed as the tallest 2 year old at Kaiser Hosp. He is projected to grow to 6'6". We don't push him, he is self motivated.. even to the point he asks for his own naps. Not sure what to do about all this other than enjoy every minuet of it. Any words about him from you all?

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