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I just got through posting to an article:
Times Online

Bernard Lagan in Sydney, Australia

««A film mocking disabled people, submitted as a student’s thesis, has provoked a furious row in Australia which has led to the suspension of two senior academics who criticised the project. John Hookham and Gary MacLennan were suspended without pay after being accused of jeopardising academic freedom.

««The film, called Laughing at the Disabled, featured two mentally handicapped men who were sent into a bar to ask if there were any women looking for romance. One of them was severely beaten by a drunken Aboriginal woman. The young men were also supplied with outsized, comically shaped pencils, and filmed struggling to write down the answers to questions that they had been told to ask by the film-maker, a student at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

««The lecturers were suspended for six months after they condemned the film as an example of a ruling culture whose slogan was “the grosser, the better”. They spoke out publicly after attending an academics’ PhD projects approval meeting where rushes from the film were shown.»»

My response was:

Modern so-called 'education' is truly pathetic. Here in the US, the professors are always regarded as tending to be 'liberal', but the real 'product' they turn out at the end of the day is fascism. This notion that it is okay for students to leer at disabled people is typical. In the US, people with college degrees are much more prejudiced against minorities that are the less 'educated'. Education is no longer intended to impart tolerance and clear thinking, but it is only a tool for the elite-like types, used merely to distinguish themselves from the rest of the people. 'Education' should be taxed very heavily.


"But then I got really angry and said, 'The hell with this.' And since then, I just say what has to be said."

I was wondering if you were going to reconcile this, you're sounding more like John Kaminski every week.

Not a popular position to be sure.


This article raises a few somewhat-unrelated points.

1) Has anyone noticed how the Lebanese Army has been shooting the hell out of a Pal refugee camp? One can only conclude that if anyone except the Israelis are doing it it's OK, since if the Israelis HAD been doing it I would be able to hear Elaine's screeching in Ohio.

2) Tenure is a system that has outlived its usefulness. Far too many tenured faculty, once having "made it", take their brains off the hook and draw pay for doing... not much. I'd rather see faculty held to pre-tenure performance standards throughout their careers.

3) I don't have a problem with elitism - some people really do perform better, or at a higher level, than others do. To say otherwise is ridiculous. Education is taxed, thank you very much: I pay far more in taxes than someone with only a high-school diploma does.

4) Canuck reminds me of a gold-fringed nut. For your enjoyment, another one of the stranger things floating around out there:


Elaine Meinel Supkis

The war between Al Fatah who is now working for the IDF and Hamas is spreading all over the Middle East as all internal battles of the dispossessed Palestinians draw in absolutely everyone.

AND this is how WWIII will begin! This is very dangerous! And I have mentioned it more than once. The grave problems this is creating won't mean the death of all Palestinians, it means the death of most humans in the bitter end.

And I will be writing about it, Smith, have no fear. WWIII is a pre-occupation of mine.


I agree with Blues on many issues regarding modern education. For one, I have received the most blistering discrimination from the so-called "educated" while rarely receiving any at all from the lower class.

Secondly, most liberal arts colleges now are just playgrounds for the rich and their progeny. At one time there was some equality, but that has evaporated with the relentless rise in the cost of education.

As for Smith's position on tenure, I also agree. I once complained about a tenured professor to the dean of my college only to find out that he could not be removed unless he committed a felony. I learned years later that many students demanded a refund of their tuition after taking classes "taught" by him. He's still there.

I do not agree with Smith's penchant for name-calling.

As for the Jews, I was once subjected to their ritual of shunning. My ex-wife's parents shunned me for three years while I was dating her. Only after it became certain that we would marry and have a child did they stop the shunning, but her mother, who was the only real Jew in their family, continued to hate me with a passion all through our marriage.

I am very concerned about the suicidal desires of Christians, Jews, and Muslims. They seem hell-bent on destroying everything. "Our way or the highway" is their motto.

As for the Lebanese army, they are mostly Christians who are trying to finish off what the Jews failed to do. Christians love to shell refugee camps. They do this every ten years or so.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ack. The wars between the three messed up gods in the Middle East can destroy all of us.

Dennis L.

I certainly believe that the author has some personal issues that could use some psychotherapy. Has she yet accused Jews of ritual murder? I do not doubt that she believes in the authenticity of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and that Jews control the media, which is fairly surprising in view of the many anti-Israeli articles that have been printed over the years. She probably believes that teaching two year old Palestinian children to become homicide bombers is a virtuous act as well. Despite supporting a controversial Jewish author she should really title her article "Why I Hate Jews; Excuse me, I really mean Zionists"


Can you point us to the exact location of these "many anti-Israeli articles" that have been written in the major newspapers over the years?

Can you give us the names of the authors, which paper they work for, and when they wrote the article so that we can trace them?

Can you do that for us, or do "personal issues" prevent you from backing up what you say with some real facts?

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