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P Callihan

Stumbled upon your website looking for Merrill CCC debt index and Bear BSIX historical data.

Am impressed and entertained and think I have found a kindred spirit.

However, I think you have way, way too much faith in the Democrat Party. I suspect that the coming Democrat control of the Federal Government will have you wishing that George Bush were still in office.

The Republican Party government has enabled great avarice and cupidity, certainly. By and large, though, money was all they were after.

One must remember that Hitler and Mussolini both saw themselves as Left revolutionaries. Remember that concern for the working class, "for the people", is what Kim Jong Il and Stalin, Mao, Mugabe, Robespierre, etc., et nauseam are all about. Remember that the Gracchi and Marius "caused" Caesar.

The Imperial Road we have traveled so tiresomely and for so long is not something we can simply abandon. Our fate is much more cruel. There is no return to some idealized past Republic. If history teaches us anything it teaches us that.


It is interesting that before all those men you listed as "leftist revolutionaries", and that list should probably include our Founding Fathers, there was a King or Emperorer or Czar whose greed had reduced everyone to the point of "fight or die".

Republicans lay the groundwork for major revolutions and social upheavals by their incessant greed, which forces the majority (the have-nothings) to fight or starve.

Do not underestimate the power of greed to bring about massive societal change and new world orders. Greed is not a harmless vice, as you seem to portray it, and the road to imperialism always leads to ruin, as history has always taught us.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Callihan, where did you imagine I have faith in the Democrats? Far from it. We have corporate entity #1 that hates workers and entity #2 that wants workers to love them but don't return this love. Clinton did the NAFTA deal, for example.

P Callihan

I do not maintain that greed is harmless vice. There is no harmless vice.

There is a quote from somewhere, that "Men are seldom so harmlessly occupied as when making money." I find this to be true. Sad, but true.

The Founding Fathers were not Left Revolutionaries but rather secessionists.

International politics nowadays, as Vladimir Putin put it, is a matter of oil and nuclear weapons. Such is reality. The Turk - Arab - Persian world and their ancient and modern politics cannot be avoided even by bring fossil fuel imports to zero.

Speaking of fossil fuel imports, China is not the cause of the seemingly unwinding "liquidity" situation here in the States and throughout the world. Purchasing oil with printing press cash and attempting to "sterilize" the result by selling the sheiks "financial assets" is about 80% of the problem. The sheiks have been losing money on the deal for some time now and want more cash to buy political support (or, as they say over here, "to buy votes").

"Diplomacy" is conflict resolution with a carrot in one hand and a stick in the other. "War" is the reverse.

Speaking of war, I see you live in "the Empire State". This is an empire now just as it was in 1776, 1861, and 1965. As Benjamin Franklin said, when asked what sort of government the Convention had chosen, "A Republic, madam, if you can keep it."

Yeah, the Republic lasted until about Marbury vs. Madison. The Aaron Burrs won and the Alexander Hamiltons died fruitlessly.

Don't like the story myself.

P Callihan

Hi, DeVaul.

Classical political theory, think Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, and Thucydides, says that Democracy turns remorsely into Tyranny because "the little people" vote the Tyrant into power. The Tyrant promises to get the rich off of "the people's" backs while endlessly beating the drum that "the people" are being oppressed by a "let them eat cake" ruling class, and that he, the wannabe tyrant, will save them.

(Marie Antionette never said "let them eat cake". The story that she did comes from a Left journalist of the time and is pure propaganda.)

Oh, yeah, the story turns out badly for "the little people". Lots and lots of documentation of this, personally I like Solzhenitsyn.

glora martin

This all goes to show that THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL and right now our government is corrupt with dollar signs for eyeballs.... whether democrate or republican no one is safe to be called a good guy. I can say though I have learned a lot from reading this blog

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