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Gary Oppewall

About 10ys ago the Dalton Hwy was opened up
for private vehicles. To take advantage of this (everybody thought it would be temporary) three of my friends and I went in
on renting a Cherokee from an agency that would allow pipeline road travel for their rigs (big bucks..but split 3 ways) It was an awesome trip seeing the Brooks Range,a wolf,several griz.,and even a few
musk ox.

But on the way, up looking at that pipeline
we all thought that they must've been
desperate for profit to go thru all the effort to build that thing in such wicked terrain. They never would've built it if they hadnt sucked dry Texas and Oklahoma.

Back in the 70's during the first embargo I remember seeing a book about Hubberts Oil
Prod curve. I forgot the author.

Isnt it ironic that a peanut farmer from Ga. had a better grip on the energy situation than a failed chimp-movie actor and a bunch of swaggering **** heads from Houston.......

Chris Q.

Nous sommes les marseillais!
Et nous allons gagner!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Jimmy Carter was a nuclear submarine captain. He has a very high IQ and is a friend of my father.

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