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Liberal AND Proud

Well, we need to stop wasting money on these needless grants.

Research should be discontinued. All the answers are in the Bible.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Sarcasm alert, of course. Liberal, this loss of education and research is all so annoying and stupid, isn't it?

larry, dfh

The researchers I heard from took a 10% hit two years ago, with flat funding since the. Yet I pay 10-30% more for lab supplies and chemical each year. Hell, I bought plastic bottles yesterday for 50% OVER catalogue price!
Years ago I contracted in Rochester for an outfit owned by Kodak. Building 82, Central Research was a palace. They had one of the finest glass fabrication shops in the world, with 8 Master glassblowers. The axe fell in the early 90's. The glass shop was pretty much gone, and the parking lot was 2/3 empty. Sadly, you can tell alot about a business by looking at the parking lots.
I don't think higher education in the U.S. is valued as much by Europeans as it was 20 or so years ago. I think now the Europeans who do come here for grad. school have been refused admission in european programs. I think this has to do with our obscession with MBA programs...a more worthless degree I can't imagine.


"I don't think higher education in the U.S. is valued as much by Europeans as it was 20 or so years ago. I think now the Europeans who do come here for grad. school have been refused admission in european programs."

Of the top ten universities in the world, only two or three (depending on which list you look at) are outside the US.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct, Smith. And many professors here are foreigners as well as students. They make our statistics look better than they really are.

larry, dfh

That depends on who is doing the 'rating', and what's in it for them. A good friend, my wife's PhD advisor, went from one, then another major U.S. universities, and is now really happy in Canada. One of his former students just landed a job there, too, for considerably less start-up money than he was offered in the U.S. I worked for several weeks in his lab, and found the atmosphere on campus much more academic-oriented than I have seen at most places in the U.S. Granted, he isn't in the School of Business. My PhD is from Rice University, called the Harvard of the South, and, let's just say I remain to be impressed. In fact, another good friend, now a very productive scientist at NASA, worked for both R.F. Curl and Rick Smalley, before they bounced him out of school. You see, part of the 'ratings' of these schools probably takes into account what percentage of students get bounced. I was very impressed with Brock University, and I was very impressed with Howard University. But you can believe whatever you want.

larry, dfh

And a couple of more things...My wife's advisor went to Uruguay on a Fulbright; a recruiting tour. He told me that after his first lecture he had to spend the rest of the day in the library because the students there already knew everything he was telling them. He got several students from that trip, my wife among them. When she was in grad. school in the U.S., if she wasn't the top student in each class it was because there was another Uruguayan in the class. Her advisor had been in business 10 years before he graduated his first PhD. His first two were from Uruguay. Three out of his first four were from Uruguay. When my wife worked for a Delaware company they only interviewed PhD's from Cal-tech and MIT; they would go to her to check their technical writings. You see, the amount of money available in no way determnines the quality of one's education. That's why the Indians have been pre-emminent in mathematics. There were excellent microbiologists put out during the Soviet period in Russia, even though they had to use newspaper to stopper their culture flasks! It's about the rigorousness of the education process. Why did my wife's advisor have to wait 12 years for a U.S. student to get a PhD from him? Because none of the other Americans would put up with his shit, of course. Which was very rigorous, although a bit capricious. You see, he was from Eastern Europe, and his father was a chemist from Eastern Europe, and they simply were not concerned about the nicities of modern education.

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