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"Alas, the Nobel committee that always gives the economics prizes to the Americans, gave it to Americans but not me."

You're not math-y enough. Push a few equations around and you might have a shot...


I would suggest finite calculus! Finite calculus rules!

Of course, it might turn into some kind of string theory. In which case, lots of luck.

Neuro Artist

Since 1969 when they started handing out this FAKE Nobel prize, the world economy has gotten increasingly insane, I wonder if there is a connection? Maybe Alfred Nobel had very good reasons not to award economists in his will? But the bankers needed some laureates to bolster their schemes with credibility, so thus we have this abomination

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Didn't Alfred Nobel call it 'The Dismal Science'? Heh. Actually, he inspired Mao to say 'power grows out of the barrel of lead painted toys sent to the capitalist pig countries.'

I do numbers, by the way! But since money is actually magic spells, I do those even more! The formula: eye of newt and unicorn hairs, boil for an hour and then serve with crumpets.

Grizzled adams

Happy Birthday Elaine...........yeh I still read what you have to say every day.



I've done several "theories" in my time. I must say it's kind of a unique situation to see serious Ivy League hot-shots struggling insanely to do what my stuff accomplishes in a snap. First of all, (if economics was real) you would need at least thirty years for the scientific establishment to even notice your stuff.

Beyond that, the "Nobel prize for economics" was always treated as fake, and this apparently is evident in the details of how the award is given (and even in the graphic symbolism embodied by the medals given).

Still, though, I am tempted to do a theory on it. However, I always start from the premise that the founders of the field were seriously misled. It's generally tear it down before you build it up, for me. That is not a plan to get one to one of these prizes. Science is really much like a vast poetry circle. Your stuff is supposed to just fill a gap, not crush the whole structure. No one wants to hear anything really new. It would simply contradict what all the professors have been teaching for 30 years.

Still... it might be interesting.

So, I say, just let Rush Limbaugh have it. But since Elaine has done such a detailed study on it, I would give her the damn thing, anyway.


I often get up in the darkest hour of the night, like this. It's not good.

I think I just received a "hook" for our new economic theory! If you're gonna start up a theory, you need a "hook" to start with. You may need to abandon the "hook" at any moment in the construction of the theory, but usually the first hook stays in. The hook is some tiny oddment, that really doesn't fit in with anyone else's ideas. The iron rule is the the hook must seem totally trivial to the professionals in whatever field you are invading. They would absolutely say, "Oh of course, that was in the books decades ago." This will be true, as, if you go to any university library, you will find quite literally TONS of books on every conceivable subject, so someone has thought of your hook previously. The secret of the hook lies not within the hook itself, but in how you use it to fish for other things, that is, in how you look at it. So it's not like an ordinary idea that you can play with at will. You can't even look directly at the hook, and you avoid talking about it the way you might talk about an ordinary idea. The hook is a very special idea.

I will try to go back to sleep and let the hook do it's job, now.

Happy birthday, of course, Elaine!


"But since money is actually magic spells, I do those even more! The formula: eye of newt and unicorn hairs, boil for an hour and then serve with crumpets."

Unfortunately, that's not what it takes to impress the Swedes.

"I've done several "theories" in my time. I must say it's kind of a unique situation to see serious Ivy League hot-shots struggling insanely to do what my stuff accomplishes in a snap."

I'll bet you've been asked this before, but... if your "stuff" is so breathtakingly wonderful, where's yer Nobel? I recommend that you start posting at Journal of Econometrics, instead of CofL News. You need to show those Ivy-League hotshots what they're missing out on by not having you on the faculty.


I liked Doris Lessing's reaction to receiving the Nobel in Literature: "I couldn't care less."

Smart lady!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

As I said, Smith, Hu of China should win the prize, hands down. If they give the Peace Prize to war criminals like Kissinger, then Hu deserves the prize for economics.

Or give it to the Japanese. And they can use it to fund food for th starving people of Japan.


But, they won't.

This is a real thing. This is where peoplr get to know what this is about.. I shit you not. I must get some sleep now.


Rush Limbaugh certainly doesn't deserve any Nobel Prize for economics.

I have to say, though, that ol' Rush deserves the Peace prize at least as much as that idiot Al Gore does.

Jaleesa Schlicher

I'd say he was one of the funniest Men of all time, with his sardonic humor,,especially in "Airplane"..To me,, he stole the whole movie with his off the wall humor,,,,and he kept saying more and more funnier lines as the movie went thru,,and to be against the good actors that were in the movie also,,,he stood out in the whole movie,,,,especially when he said "Dont call me Shirley". ommmmg thats was great! and then to continue with the rest of the movies he made,, the Naked Gun Moives... He played a Naiive officer,, like he didn't know what to do,, when he got in trouble,,, He played that well,,,Mr Nielson,, we are gonna miss you!!! Rest in Peace.........and Thanks for your awesome roles tooo!!!!!!!

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