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Thank you.


I would like to see the next meeting
held in Harlem. I bet we would see things
progress much quicker than in Jackson Hole,


Elaine, what do you think of the leaks on the content of disclosures during the secret session of the House of Representatives on March 13, 2008?

Debate about Secret Session in House of Representatives


What was discussed at a closed session of the U.S. House of Representatives?

Buffalo Ken

Gracious it has been quiet around here. Where are you Calvino. Anthony. Elaine. The rest.

Yes, I agree Rajiv - secret meeting of a supposed "people's" house is not in the interest of the People. So if it is NOT in our interest, how bout we let negative interest work its magic. How bout that all you number loving fools.....how bout that?

Buffalo Ken

and I would add this - plus I could go to 14...Nancy Pelosi must have been involved in this travesty - it is time to call her ass out. She is no SPEAKER. She is a traiter....her and her husband need to be called out....big time...

Buffalo Ken

This is my take on Nancy Pelosi from the best that I know. She is a hard-headed women to the nth degree who has so lost touch of her womenly love.....this is my take on her.....and i'll add this....she is the kind of women whom we need much less of...then there will be less of the men who are so offensive....i could be wrong,but it seems this way to me...

Peace is what we need.


Buffalo Ken

Furthermore as one with a legal mind (in fact I have made claim to the LAW), let me add my wife is much like nancy pelosi, but i hope she is not the same....i do love her so....

Buffalo Ken

Peace everyone - it is time to go. And hey you WW2 folks - the war is over. The "younger" generations are working towards Peace, but this is not easy.

It is hard to trust engineers after they made such a horrendous weapon that never should have been built in the first place.

When will we know. I hope not never, but I no this is a possibility......oh well, the chips will fall where they will...the hands have been dealt.

Buffalo Ken

Hey Calivino in no unpleasant way....let me say...

"This hand is for you --- play it as best you can - play the hand you have been dealt - what else is there to do?"

Buffalo Ken

and elaine this is for you - may the winds blow in your face....may you find your place...may we all.

Royal Dutch Paper

This is for Ken, because he likes the sound of his voice.

Stay off the keyboard when you are high.

Royal Dutch Paper


Royal Dutch Paper


Royal Dutch Paper


Royal Dutch Paper


Royal Dutch Paper


Royal Dutch Paper


Buffalo Ken

Nice one Royal Dutch Paper. Let me ask ---what is that paper made of?

Buffalo Ken

P.S. Pretty soon more than just the criminals are going to be dumping the US Dollar. Haven't you learned anything here?

Buffalo Ken

If a country is bankrupt its currency has no value. Duh.

Buffalo Ken

Anybody else in the mood for an unpleasant conversation?

Buffalo Ken

Hey New York....no scratch that....ALL the FUCKING lawyers in the fucking USA what did you learn in school?

Fuck all of ya all lawyers. Plus the bankers too. Fuck you. You are all going to get it just like momma would give it to ya. You know - gnome - so you a gnome - wow. Loser.

Buffalo Ken

and let me also say for everyone else...



The Fed's job is to inject debt steroids into the consumer cattle to increase corporate cash production.

Also, massive injection of debt steroids into the US military to fuel masonic dreams of world domination in the middle east on the backs of US children (soldiers) and grandchildren ($10 trillion of debt and counting!)


" “It is easy to ignore the storm if you look at the opposite horizon. When the storm reaches your location there can be no more ignorance.”

I hate to tell you, but the storm has reached your location and it is a Category 5 hurricane. The levees are leaking. Ignore it at your own peril. The 6,000 sq ft McMansion buying, BMW leasing, $5 Starbucks latte drinking, granite countertop upgrading, home equity borrowing days are coming to an end. The American consumer will not go without a fight. For the last seven years the American consumer has carried the weight of the world on its shoulders. This has been a heavy burden, but when you take steroids it doesn’t seem so heavy. The steroid of choice for the American consumer has been debt. We have utilized home equity loans, cash out refinancing, credit card debt, and auto loans to live above our means. It has been a fun ride, but the ride is over. We can’t get steroids from our dealer (banks) anymore. "


Here is a good laugh; the European Central Banks cannot slash interest because the workers there have ... unions! That have their wages linked to ... inflation that the ECB creates!

HAHAHA! They cannot crush the workers so easily as corporate fascists US and Japan.

This should be funny watching the EU relentlessly working to kill unions. Voulez Vous la guerre tout le monde?

"Working Hard and Hardly Working:
ECB Fights Inflation and Labor Unions

With many threats to global growth and concerns over several Euro area member countries, many have been surprised the ECB has gone so long without letting up on the interest rate front. After all ...

* The Federal Reserve has made several moves to lower rates;

* The Bank of Canada has followed suit;

* The Bank of England has gotten the ball rolling,

* So has the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, and

* The Reserve Bank of Australia is likely next.

If you're wondering why the ECB hasn't budged, look no further than labor unions. Simply put: Wage contracts put in place via labor unions have employees' wages moving higher in lock-step with inflation. There's really no thought to profitability (the point when workers typically consider demanding higher wages). In other words, rising headline inflation fuels this wage-spiral. And this wage-spiral spurs greater headline inflation. And it continues on like this. That's something Ben Bernanke hasn't had to deal with."


Rajiv, thank you for those links.

It is disturbing that our elected politicians are planning in secret against the public, but not at all surprising.

I believe it's now inevitable that these events of turmoil in the US will come. As a people, all we can do at this point is make plans and prepare for the coming events. How we will pick up the pieces for the younger generation is still in our hands.


Mike Whitney hits a home run with this article.


Charles Lindbergh summed up the role of the Federal Reserve like this:

"The financial system has been turned over to ...a purely profiteering group. The system is private, conducted for the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest possible profits from the use of other people's money." (Ellen Hodgson Brown; "The Web of Debt")

The impending global recession has nothing to do with crafty mortgage lenders, opportunistic loan applicants, dodgy rating agencies, or crooked home appraisers. That's like blaming Lindy England for Abu Ghraib. The source of the troubles is the Federal Reserve and monetary policies that are designed to rob people of their life savings.

Abolish the Fed.

Buffalo Ken

GK and hiGHcastle

Everything you all say makes sense to me.

All this stuff is as easy as

appropriate technology.....

Buffalo Ken

Plus GK I so agree.

Abolish the FUCKING fed.

They whoever they are (we will find out) are fucking it up for


People - this is obvious. It is time to take matters into our own hands.


Buffalo Ken

911 happened on a day that I will never forget....for other reasons that are personal....

I wonder whether we will ever know what really went down on that day, but regardless, that day was a wake up call...don't you know? I do. Wake up folks...this shit ain't going to be pretty, but we the People will prevail cause we always have and I want to think that we always will...

Buffalo Ken

I will myself even if i end up getting a bullet to the brain...

by the way...there were plans that went down that day in Tejas and now the seeds that were sown are coming to frution. You knew this was going to happen didn't you?

You reap what you sow.

Buffalo Ken

911 don't mean nothing. You ain't seen nothing. Let me tell ya.

whine and cheese

How can you have massive deflation if you're a debtor nation and you default on your debt?

Buffalo Ken

let there be no confusion.

Fusion is for real.

It is coming.

Learn or die.

Buffalo Ken

whine and cheese - where is the party? I want to know.

Buffalo Ken

Good night. I don't really care about the party. I felt it once in my mind and I refused. I refuted "the party" and you may understand this and you may not, but it has to do with my name and my humility.

Europe better come through if Europe is of any value.

Buffalo Ken

But if Europe which has been the source of so many wars is unable, then the rest of us will be able.

I have said this before.

Every plan I have gets blown away but then the plans get so much harder. At some point it will all get blown away if we don't stop these inhuman pshycopaths who will bleed so easily that think they are creating the show.

All they are trying to create is death and mayhem and they have no idea what forces they are fooling with. These forces don't give a shit about no federal banking ridiculousness. These forces are all about life. With or without homo sapien. With or without. You choose.

Buffalo Ken

I'm just the messanger so don't shoot me.

Buffalo Ken should know.

The buffalo live on.

And they always..



Buffalo Ken,

We are about to find out if it is hyperinflation or deflation now that the Olympics is over with the Bear is still mad as hell and the flat tops arriving in the Persian Gulf to menace the Cat!!

Paul S

I think we should adopt new terminology as we enter our catastrophe phase. Instead of saying"The taxpayer bailed out Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac to the tune of $35 billion", we should guve credit where credit is due. Let's substitute the term "bailout"--and similar words, with the name Bernenke. So it will not be called a $35 billion bailout, but a $35 billion Bernanke. Or, instead of the term "swindle" we substitute the much more apt phrase, Paulson. So we should say, "The big banks pulled (another) Paulson on the American taxpayer today. There's many others deserving of recognition, but Bernanke and Paulson rate near the top. Feel free to chip in with your own ideas for giving these thieves the publicity they desrve.

Paul S

Just one more term I feel should be adopted. The slave-like manufacturing areas in Mexico--and in other countries, should be called "Welchvilles" in honor of "Neutron" Jack Welch, former CEO of GE and BusinessWeek hero. Sure, there are many who seek to emulate Welch, but Welch is the leader. Welch is the guy who said manufacturing should be on barges.

Christian W

@GK: Heh, yes. They are annoyed they cannot lower the rates to nothing and fleece the savings from the working/middle classes in Europe too (The Germans and the French still have decent saving rates). Workers in France and Germany still demand their wages keep up with inflation *gasp*. Funnily enough they vote socialist parties into their governments too to ensure the right wingers don't get away with things too easily...


May I suggest 'Special Economic Zones' instead of 'slave-like manufacturing areas in Mexico'.

Sounds soooo 19th Century....


Hi Guys,

Check out the latest article from LEAP 2020:


They think the army will take over from end of 2009.

Hope u are putting your finishing touches to your preps 'cos as Capt Kirk says: Here it comes...

whine and cheese

The gulf states are expected to have over $500B revenue in 2008.

I don't think deflation is here yet...

Paul S

What struck me about wages in Europe being tied to inflation is how wages "work" in the US of A: we have had one, count 'em ONE hike in the minimum wage in 9 years! If we can't have European style Labor Unions in this country, let's at least have a minimum wage tied to inflation. The corpoate whores of talk radio throw a conniption over minimum wage hike talk. That's fitting. People who whore themselves for $20-$30 million/yr bitching about somebody getting $10/hour. The talk radio fascists are my barometer. When I hear talk of their ratings falling through the floor, I'll start to believe that change in this country is possible.

Christian W

Yes. The US had the 'dollar hegemony' game instead of Unions. The benefits of having the world currency allowed the policitians and power elite to play games and magic tricks with the working class. By pushing the US into debt bubbles they were able to convince US workers that their Unions were superfluous, that things were fine without them, and that Unions even stood in the way of progress. By flooding US workers with cheap trinkets and easy debt they created the illusion of eternal superiority and easy living, and took away rights and wealth when the American worker was blinded by the glitter of their lifestyle.

Paul S

Christian W.: Exactly right. I can recall even hearing people say that labor unions were superfluous. We Americans seem to be a gullible bunch; too trusting of our politicians for one thing. I think the problem is also rooted in the traditional outlook of Americans, some of them at least. The term is "rugged individualism". This makes for easy pickings for the ruling class. Sort of like a divide and conquer strategy. The ruling elites in the USA most certainly do NOT act individually. They know that there is power in numbers and they protect their own.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is RAGGED individualism. Heh.

Paul S

Well, it's getting more and more raggedy as we go along. HaHa

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