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I feel that both the Chinese and the Germans hold very strong hands. The USA is clearly loosing this game. Of course, we have the Idiot Bush playing our hand. The French will have the Idiot Sarkozy playing their's. This is what you get with computer voting. The population is really not QUITE that dumb.

As far as gross population is concerned, I would prefer quality over quantity. How many have deep motivation?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I should have written that the number of Muslims in Germany and France are similar to the number of JEWS just before the Holocaust.

This fills me with foreboding.


Fron al-Jazeera: "Surprisingly, issues of foreign policy were almost totally absent from the contest for the French presidency, with both candidates evidently more at ease debating such questions as unemployment, health care, pensions, and law and order."

Only surprising if you're al-Jazeera. "Why aren't the French paying attention to us???"

Because the recent French election was a domestic-issues election. Labor reform, the 35-hour week, and immigration were the hot topics.

Turkey wants to join the EU a lot more than the EU wants to let Turkey in. They'll string 'em along for a decade or so, then say No/Nein/Non. The EU would sooner admit the United States than they would the Turks.

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The fact that very loudly pro-Christian/pro-Jewish invaders have bought the military and use it to attack the people of Pakistan is radicalizing the people of that nation

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Hear all parties.

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