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Elaine... may I mention something? You know... you've kind of been going on about Nazis a lot lately, and I'm not sure it's good for you. Maybe you could write about something else for a while.

It's like you're scared there's an SS Oberst hiding in your closet and he's going to jump out in the middle of the night and spank you with his riding crop.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

i doubt yer wife would let you.


You WANT me to dress up like an Oberst and spank you with a riding crop?! Like, Wow.

Much as the idea intrigues me, your husband and my wife would no doubt take a dim view of any such proceedings. So we should probably bag it...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

What ever floats you flotilla. Or tortilla.


WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No matter how much power hungry, vulgar, manish, or even a woman is still a woman.

Big mama that you seen bein g a tuff wrestler who can flip people over just by ramming into them is not true. Big mama is soft like jellington and can break easily.

Then you have self proclaimed bitches who think they are better and the best of the best might say terrible things or proceed to be a playfull thing but the moment there legs break open a tear rolls down the corner of there eyes and they say it hurt or demands more when they can't even stand a inch.

Then she comes at you and smacks you around and kicks you and stuff but the truth is that she wants you more then you want her but she wants to hear a certain word from you.

Basketball players that are tall and people thaught they were scary but in all honesty there were soft and playfull all she wanted was to be and feel like woman.

All in all sports women even the weight lifters are soft and gentle. They ar beautfull and magnificant.

Women in the no matter how tuff, rough, strong, buff, smart, vicous, and even mad they are still as soft as soft can be.

The Ideal Naszi woman is something to be admire to not only be supportive of her husband but her coutnry as well ( that is Germany ).

To be honest after she is no longer a virgin she is just a woman.

She might be a goverment leader ( Hill dawg ), she might be a medical doctor that can cur or cause deseases ( Dr. Germ ) and she might be a sports superstar ( who but the truth is that she is only a woman

Personally back then when it was 1990's and before that at least women where women and girls were girls.

There wore beautifull dresses with long gowns. They run in them with there chest hanging out. They jumped and there under skirts showed. They even fought in them and no matter what they did there were just women in the end.

They want to be admired by the world. They deserve to be sought after and loved no diffrent.

All women wants to be taken and loved to enjoy life and be told many things that even so by sight alone they are not.

This world is made for women this world might be controlled by men and built by men but it is all for women.

As a man especially living in the USA not Cananda, South America, or even the West Indies there have been so many restrictions that make it impossible for you to live a normal life as a man here.

This is why I beleive there is so many homosexauls in the USA. The Divorce trend and
the sexaul harrasment trend gave brith to the
advance homosexaul nationalism that is everywhere but especially in the higher up places like college for example.


I was searching for manicans to use as drawing examples and I cam across this article and found it worthy enough to record even if I disagree with the article.

About women in Videogames. Firt off in the Eastern world games use representation and in reality they are short. However in the Western world we use details to describe the features of everything and we have many diffrent cultures in our society.

Using Lara Croft as the man made woman figure is a terrible ideal. Lara Croft is just Indian Jones with a boob jobber and a vagina.

Honestly in the Western world we have American commericalism that sweeps the world like a blanket. Making America look better then it really is.

The thing is that in the fictional world of books, film, and videogames women of such near perfection and beauty is used the face that beautiful people find themselves in the worst of situations.

All my life I lived in what people like to refer to as where the poor people live or (where nomral people live ) and to be honest the women that I grewed up with where all beautiful. Again to be honest most of these women fell into situations that is unbearable to live or even imagine. I have seen a bigger sister prostitute her little sister and even a girl who had over ten children by the age of 19.

In most cases most beautful and real beautiful women starts out from such places as most beautiful people.

Lastly about fiction it is drawn from real life. All fiction in truth is real but is withdrawn from another world, place, or time.

In all my life everytime I go towards places of power the women become uglier, weaker, and looks more dead then can imagine.

About Barbie dolls. They evolved from the original Lili doll that was a Germany love doll. In fact the creator of Barbie brought the copyrights before realeasing such dolls.

About the Super Humans. We all reach Super Human point at some point in our lives. For me it was being surounded by fellow artists drawing and contemplating about ideas and flirting with many girls.

Generally when your in your teens and all the organs is working you are a super human. 90% if not most of the crime in world is caused by young people not even old enough to drive who are 14 and even younger. Again not even oddly enough most girls start to have sex arond that same time and blossom into a woman.

However people play with there life like somebody playing with a rat caught in trap and your body moves away from Super Human Status.

Most cases of death is some mistake or suicidal acciedent. May it be cloged arteries or breathing passage ways to over dose or a switch of medicine.

I can see the horrific future where you can only get a date by submiting a picture of your body naked and some machine generating your perfect mate and all the women walk around like some Chinese man who lives in a village that works in a factory covered from head to toe.

In the end all women are soft no matter what they do or say. One of the most saddest sights in the world is a woman who goes to bed along with no body to hold her or love her.

Imagine seeing a bed with a girlish woman who have no belongings going to be in fetus position with no blanket and she never loved a man in her entire life and never was taken and loved back at all.

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I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time... however it was another joy to see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals. I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.
Great stuff as usual....

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This world is made for women this world might be controlled by men and built by men but it is all for women.


Your missing the point of the Nazi 'doll' Elaine - it was to stop soldiers getting syphilis.

Stop being a grumpy feminist and go to some parties, meet some nice guys and get laid.

Carl Duisberg

The Third Reich was in bed with the aliens.

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