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There was so much hope coming from the young back then, when we were young. I have that great recording she made of the Bruch kol nidre. Can hardly stand to listen to it. Too sad.

very nice article. yes, we should be spending money on PEOPLE and the arts and life.

mark abbott

This is an extraordinary film you've found, Elaine. And so moving! Many thanks for sharing it with us.

And I can see why you just love Jackie ... in my mind's eye I see you moving much as she did (even not while you're playing the cello), similar mannerisms, the toss of the head to move the hair back off the face.

Practically a force of nature, the both of you.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thank you, Mark.

I miss her alot. No cellist had the potential she had to 'sell' classical music to the masses. Her emotional grasp was the main element which made her singular.

Pablo Cassals didn't like her because she totally dominated him, her force of nature overwhelmed him. He usually tries to pry out of people who are very reserved, some sense of freedom.

Her total embracing of inner emotions coupled with freedom straight from Pegasus' wings blew him away. So he attacked her from behind. Gads.

Ronald Wheeler

Thank you so very much for all the insights into Du Pre, and had to tell you my appreciation for all that you offer here about her even though I am only in the middle of the film. I only started playing cello last year at 75 while pet sitting as I do in the San Francisco Bay area, noticed a delapidated Czech Strad copy, had it repaired, restrung and polished and for the first time played it, bringing a feeling for it from my experience with the violin. I was given the instrument later so I wouldn't have to wait for my next lifetime to be a cellist. I am very pleased to have discovered your website.

Ronald Wheeler

Elaine, has there really been a gap in Comments from December 06 to mine of February 09? It would be sad to think that such is the case and I hope you will somehow tell me otherwise. I do thank you again for presenting the passionate life of this great artist.

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