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Eric Bloodaxe

And the parents live well on the money, and when the child grows up it has no skills and no money. The Jackie Cooper story of how they got him to cry, is dreadful.


"Britney Spears. Like so many of her previous fellow child actors, she was launched by the odious Disney machine."

Really? Is that where she came from? As I pay no attention to the popular music world (I listen to mid-century jazz these days), I had no idea where she came from. It suddenly seemed that I was no longer able to go to the grocery without seeing tabloid headlines at the checkout about someone whose parents weren't clear on how to spell "Brittany".

"The most dangerous time for children stars is when they transit to adulthood."

Wasn't Shirley Temple a pretty heavy drinker?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Mrs. Black survived Shirely Temple by changing her name and going private. She married an ambassador and ended up doing wonderful work across the world. She turned into a very sane, very wonderful woman.

She is against the exploitation of children.

D. F. Facti

Happy George Washington's birthday to you. I am sure he is spinning.

As to La Divina - - - I would love to have seen her. Someone just gave me a couple of CD's of some bel canto arias. Nothing like her. She was a force, but so vulnerable. What's the aria from Andrea Chenier? Too tired to think. Chills. Visi d'Arte, indeed. And that bastard Onassis.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It was from Norma! No one sang with her fluidity and lightness before she lost her voice, and I have heard many great sopranos.


well unless the child actor starts drugs and alcohol and dies from it when they are kids it is not the responsibility of disney to take blame for adult decisions made by the actors that are no longer child actors but adults brit is brit not even human but im refering to ALL the others that ARE ADULTS and therefor must take responsibility for their own actions!!!!!!!

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