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I know this is an old post but I feel compelled to comment on one thing.

As a gaijin for at least another year, Japanese place public anime signs everywhere. from "pick up your doggy poop" signs to even at police stations. It may be clueless to try in Iraq, but it is what they do back home.
I really think you see something racist and condescending where it does not exist.
Japanese have been more clueless than racist, when it comes to my personal experience.

Overall the sentiment from your article is fairly negative and I'm sorry about that.
I am by no means arian and I find the east asian look goregous. Does that make me a racist? go suck a lemon. I dislike it when local women here try to look all western with ridiculous hairdoes. I also dislike it when half the world including my native country is obsessed about blondes. I agree with you there.


wow. You are an ethnocentric, closed minded individual. I don't care if you dated a panther or traveled, etc.

People stared in China because many have never seen a white person right in front of them. They stare because they are not used to people who look so different.

Trust me. People like you who are so judgmental usually are just plain wrong.

There are so many holes in your ideas. I don't even know where to begin. For example: Breast augmentation and weight loss are huge amongst Caucasian women. The skinniest and small boned are generally Asian. The most well endowed are usually black. What do you have to say about that? And, why the hell do white girls tan???


NEVER claim or hint that a whole group of people want or are striving to be another race.
That's just asking for it.


How large are caucasian eyes exactly? I don't think i've seen any person of any race with eyes as large as an anime character's

I just don't understand this ethnocentric/egotistic thinking that a lot of westerners have. If other races have surgery, they're trying to look white? Have they ever stopped to think that white people have as much surgery (if not more)as any other race? Is cosmetic enhancement a luxury that only whites can have. If other races, want cosmetic enhancement, they're trying to erase their ethnic identity?

If a white person has nose reduction surgery, is he/she trying to erase his/her racial identity? If she gets a tan, is she/he trying to erase her ethnic identity, if she gets her hair colored, what race is she trying to be like.

Are you aware that not all asians have single eyelids? Are you aware that not all asians have slanty eyes? Are you aware that not all asians are short? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe asians who get cosmetic enhancement are trying to look like those other asians?

Do you really think that asians (especially the japanese) look up to you?

I highly suggest that you watch this video. It's about anime, caucasians and the japanese reaction to this type of thinking

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Ok, first of all, who says Asians have to have squinty eyes anyway? Maybe the people who get eyelid surgery are just like everybody else, of all races, that also get plastic surgery. How come we don't say that Caucasian girls who get breast augmentation do so to look more like their African American counterparts who stereotypically have larger breasts? The point of plastic surgery isn't to change races, or even sexes, but to help people be happier with what they see in the mirror.

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Okay, well I believe I have found the answer to the lightning bolt hitting the vat and spurring the creation of the neohumans issue. According to the wikipedia article, Casshern was originally an anime series which had a very different and IMO very silly plot involving transforming dogs and super-girlfriends etc. In the anime series, the main antagonist is this robot which was created by Dr. Azuma to help people but was struck by lightning and went berserk in turn vowing to destroy humanity.

I reckon that the live action movie recreates some of the key parts of the anime's story while keeping with the movie's plot; hence, the lightning bolt that triggers the creation of the neohumans.

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Nice article. The observation includes all type of people. Asians go for a cosmetic surgery, but not all of them. Asians already got a beautiful skin, and have lots of remedy and options especially on food intake,or going to dermatologists rather than having a plastic or cosmetic surgery.


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You're right in that popular culture - whether movies, TV, or music, seem to be getting "louder" and more extreme in order to gain attention. I think another part of the decreasing empathy in popular culture is that the audience aimed at is increasingly the sort of audience that is not at an empathetic stage of life, but which has disposable income and less restraint in using it.


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I think you are not quite right and you should still studying the matter.


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You are rightfully complaining about the Asians throwing away their racial identity and culture yet:

''When I was dating a Black Panther''

You do the very same thing and even extremer.

you americans are so full of hypocrisy.


I think its so shame of them to do this. Why aren't they proud of their own looks? I find Asians good looking specially Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and Thai. I think they should be really proud because they also have a rich culture and industry.

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I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

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