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Compare the coin image of Julia Domna with the Intaglio on that linked page above. The only thing really identifiably in common with the two is that it appears Julia had a lovely head of hair, or a very nice wig.

When I saw this story in the news yesterday, the first thing that occurred to me was that I don't think those coin images of Antony and Cleopatra show anything other than the difficulty of reproducing a realistic likeness when minting ancient coins. My second thought was how dumb it is for those newswriters or archaeologists to come to any other conclusion.


I've been to Rome, and to the Louvre in Paris. Styles of people changed, and styles of the art that represents them did too, of course. None of the really old stuff has people whom we would likely consider attractive today, because they really looked different, and people are unconsciously terrified of different. You see that when they flock to awful big box stores, avoiding little shops that have character. In olden times, there were a lot of periods when women were expected to look plump. In fact, downright fat! I always tell folks, reality is an illusion. This is hard, probably just impossible for ordinary folks to understand. They have the illusion that their view of the world is 'objective' and 'scientific'.

We use Mental Constructs to glue our vision of the world together. And all the pieces fit together perfectly. But what people never get to is the absolute fact that they could take every one of those billion pieces and fit them together into a totally different, yet equally coherent 'reality'. The only way out of the deadly trap of personal reality is to be deceived. That is exactly the ticket price, and there are no refunds, and no insurance, nor even the guarantee that the train will even leave the station. And one could perish also.

You MUST be totally deceived, lied to, not for the purpose of any fraud. This is a special deception, and if you fall for it, and you are lucky, Nature will take your hand and pull you out from the suddenly collapsing house of cards that has been you former solid 'reality'. The world will end. Maybe you will find that you are now an animal, a wolf, maybe. Most of you will merely chuckle, and suck down your sweet blue pills. That's fine. There is nothing wrong with that. Oh, and it can be terribly difficult for really smart people to allow themselves to be deceived. Which is a problem. For me, my developmental condition made it possible to fool me. I couldn't handwrite or typewrite, so I went home from school at noon, before the bullies go going, since I flunked everything anyway. I have a fourth grade education. However, I also have hyperlexia, and I understand everything I read, so I learned differential calculus and other fancy mathematics on the side, while getting solid "Fs" in middle school. But I could be fooled, and that has made the big difference. I see things others ignore.

Remember those old-time, goofy giant oval posters with renditions of all the US presidents? Did you look closely? Nearly all the presidents up to Lincoln had major beards! The earlier ones (Washington, Andrew Jackson) wad very long hair. After Lincoln, with his funny black top-hats and short beard, presidents learned to shave off their beards, wear neck ties, and business jackets. Never before!

After this wretched conformity set in, it culminated in president doctor Woodrow Wilson plunging the nation headlong into the First World War for no acceptable reason. Few know that it was he who instituted the mind-numbing Prussian system of brainwashing that we now refer to as 'education' across the land.

We need a new start. A new education. Windmills in discrete locations. We need to preserve all the old tricks I know about how to fix broken electronic circuits. The railroads must be put back. Men need to stop wasting resources shaving and dry cleaning ties and business suits. If we don't do these things now, there will be no old-timers to show the young ones the secrets. And people need practical faith. Get an I Ching, with Chinese Magic Coins. Eat mushrooms. Listen to shamens. Study geometry. Rebuild diversified farming and essential industry. Get windmills that will work even better when the big clouds roll in. Eat a lot, like your cousins the squirrels; fatten up, for winter is coming soon. Time to turn it around is almost up!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Heh. I love ya, Blues. Especially when you talk like Bilbo Baggins.

I do hope you live in a home like his. It is ecologically sound, impervious to tornadoes or bumbling large humans who can't enter easily, etc.

I often think about living like that.


Bilbo had a McMansion compared with my little pad. Heidi and I get a little lonely in deep winter, since few people and dogs seem to want to do anything much in the cold.

If I had more money, I would start a second site to discuss radical populism. I have my own rap. Society begins with fundamental instincts, like the wolf's tendency to have an 'alpha' leader, or the crow's tendency to protect her nest, and removes all sense of proportion from them. You end up with Mao running all of China, Bill Gates owning a huge chunk of the US economy. My primary premise is that these instincts are by no means immutable. For instance, I had to teach Heidi to not catch and eat wild animals, which are always diseased, and lead to big vet bills for tape worm and such. Instincts can be controlled to a great extent. Instead, corrupt social theorists inflate them into absurdities. There is no 'president', and money is merely a game. My old friend who was a Marine back from Vietnam just burned a $100 bill. It just went up in smoke. Money is a total illusion. You can say it's not, but nature collects an insane rate of interest on all illusions, in the end.

Some people thought they could manipulate me because of my developmental condition. They made me president and treasurer of their incorporated commune. They would control me because they were the board. But I had read all the incorporation laws at the law library (hyperlexia), and had written the corporate charter to my own specification. When the board started harassing me, I simply hired a lawyer and evicted them all. That was that. And all because of some words I had planted in the charter! Just some frickin words! The judge fell under the spell of a total illusion that I had simply spun out of thin air! (Had they gotten themselves a sociopathic manager, they would had done just fine.)

Maybe I will use a portion of my linguistics site to begin talking about radical populism.


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