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I don't get to NYC anymore, but now The Met comes to me for $20 per performance. I Puritani was a treasure with 2 mad scenes.
So far, I've attended all. The audio is great, the video, not as sharp as a movie or TV, but good enough for these old eyes.
I hope you can find a location near you. They are adding more theaters all the time.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh yes, correct! I used to, when I was young, hang out at the fountain at Lincoln Center and people who lost their dates would ask me to attend for free! And since I am an opera buff who played the cello in college in the orchestra pit, I could be a useful source of information about whatever operas were running.

I was very pleased to see they had a top notch soprano. We have had a surplus of good male singers, time for a some great females. And she is just beginning to hit her stride. In the first act, she had some of the marvelous deep chest sounds of Maria Callas. Which is why I mention that name here.

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