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D. F. Facti

Great insight - yes, the 20th Century's greatest composer - Stravinsky? - on balance, I'd say so. He'd be on the short list, anyway.

I saw Rostropovich a few years ago with the Chicago Symphony in the Dvorak cello concerto. Very memorable.

A number of years ago I taught music in an impoverished urban school system. There was no curriculum and no materials of any kind. I had to devise plans every week for 900 plus kids in grades K-6. I spent a quantity of my own money, but I also used my own stuff, incluging Bach, Leonard Bernstein, Aaron Copland - did a thing on African American music and musician.

The students loved it - many of them. I had 5th grade boys - a tough group to reach in these beat-up urban systems - stop me in the hall and ask me to bring such-snd-such a book or biy of music back to school.

They try to analyze everythng to DEATH - the technocrats in charge of everything - and don't see what's right in front of their faces. If people are allowed to experience great works of art and music and are exposed to great ideas - it will change them. It will buoy up their lives.

If I were rich I'd go somewhere and volunteer my time and services since there is no money for anything beautiful in these places. I'd stay away from the monolithic institutions where Poverty, Inc. has taken hold. But there are still places where you can reach people without left wing or right wing crazies dictating everything.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

A shocking number of Americans have been fooled into believing that high culture is stupid and elitist. But the Soviets proved this wrong. They had the right idea of elevating both the high arts AND folk arts. They funded many fine folk dancing troupes as well as ballet, for example.

They paid people to play 'peasant' music which is very rich stuff. Of all cultures and Russia has many such. Now, these same people starve. Or change occupations.

For example, the folk dancers who were female became near-prostitutes working in bars. Gah. Under the 'great' Yeltsin.

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