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D. F. Facti

Elaine, when m financial position improves I shall call upon you to consult in the restoration and modernization of a great old Victorian house. I used to live in a three storey place with lots of the original woodwork and two original fireplaces and glorious mantels. I adore old houses, but I equally adore light.

My current project is at a standstill.

This is very interesting - and I'd love to hear how you decided to make a living restoring houses. I don't know too many female contractors. My sister should have been one - also her daughter-in-law.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I was never a contractor. I taught people how to build things. When one is a contractor, one has to have insurance and pay workman's comp etc which is why everyone who is hired to work today are illegals who are off the books and totally hidden.

Sigh. It is all such a mess.

Anyway, finding someone who can do Victorians is a very dangerous thing since most people sort of muck along. Victorians are quite specific buildings and people who know what they are doing are not so easily found.

Beats by Dre

Repentance is good, but innocence is better.

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