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D. F. Facti

I met a woman years ago whose fiance had been killed in the Kansas City Hyatt walkway collapse.

I hate the Sears Tower. Ok - it makes the skyline more interesting, I guess, but inside it is cavernous and huge and ridiculous to navigate. They lost tenants after 9/11, too.

I'll take some pics of Trump's Chicago monstrosity. The kiddies were flipping condos before the ground was broken practically. Trump is so odious - and the banks just keep lending him money. barf

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Oh, do post some pictures! Thanks!


Interesting article, Elaine.

Problem: today's big-deal architects see themselves more as sculptors creating art than builders designing buildings. The "human touches" that make buildings usable are just the things that diminish the 'greatness' of the (so-called) 'art'.

And because they aren't builders, or see themselves as such, their roofs leak and their doors and windows are drafty.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct. It is a form of hubris.

christopher wood

Update Broken Angel 10/29/06
On 10/10/06 Broken Angel suffered minimal damage from a fire at the top of the structure. The cause of the fire is unknown and still under investigation. Broken Angel has been an active project of construction by my family beginning in 1979. Major construction was finished in 2002, and all work done thereafter has been for the purpose of maintaining the building. The fire brought the attention of the Department of Buildings (DOB), previous interactions had occurred in 1986, and 2002 with no action taken against the building. During the course of building and maintaining the structure there have been no accidents or complaints. Compared with most modern construction projects, such as the Time Warner building in NYC, this is an excellent record. It raises questions as to why large developers are allowed to continue construction when they pose a risk to the community, whereas Broken Angel, which has no history of construction problems, has been singled out as a danger. My mother and father, the legal guardians and owners of Broken Angel were threatened with eviction for 6 days. On the 7th day they were vacated by the police without a court order or engineer’s report. We question the necessity and the humanity of this action. They were told that this was done for their safety; however action was taken prior to any inspection of the interior of the building by an engineer. Furthermore, we were told that the building would be demolished in 3 weeks if an architect did not submit plans to bring it to code. We have been compliant with this request. We are thankful to the firm of Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture for all of their help and support. On Thursday (10/26/06) an engineer from the DOB toured the structure, and the next day the DOB released a different story. A DOB spokesperson recently commented to the Daily News (10/27/06) that any demolition orders, if warranted will take approximately 3 months to begin.
Photos of broken angel


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