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I write on several blogs, and the truth is, blues is a slightly different person on each one. Well, I got up in the middle of the night and decided I should find out who I would be on my own blog, and what would I do with that? Since I already have a bulletin board designed to teach linguistic stuff, I just carved out a little section and named it The Forgotten Garden! It turns out I turn out rather whimsical stuff. I did a piece about Hillary Clinton owning a hamster. (It's at

So I come back here (the rest of the internet is really starting to bore me — Alex Jones still comes up with some zingers, but the political junkies are taking way too many stupid pills). And low and behold:

Major Dam On Cumberland River Might Collapse!!!

I live in Northampton May 16, 1874, our little Mill 'River' (barely big enough to swim in in some spots, but I swim there 'cause it's clean, more or less) had a dam burst:

«« 1874, on the Mill River in western Massachusetts, an earthenwork dam gave way. A wall of water between 20- and 40-feet high and 300-feet wide rushed downstream. The flood destroyed almost everything in its path. Factories were crushed and houses swept off their foundations; cows, horses, and people were sucked into the roiling water. Within an hour, the flood leveled four villages. Finally, it reached a broad plain just north of Northampton. There, the river spread out over acres of freshly ploughed fields, depositing its awful contents — machinery, furniture, bridges, rocks, trees, livestock, and bodies — in a layer ten-feet deep. It took days to recover the bodies of the 139 people who lost their lives to the Mill River flood.»»

There is something about a dam burst that is so iconic. Then you have the pieces about how our little galaxy will be eaten by the Great Attractor. These things, morbid as they naturally are, hold a strange fascination. Google: ««Results 1 - 10 of about 1,740,000 for Apocalypse»» Well, of course, you mix a little art and jollity in with the disaster scenarios. I am just curious, though. What if someone came up with this web site where all the worst horrors were set before the masses, with absolutely no embellishment or humor or anything to cushion the blows?

They have quite a lot of strange stuff not too far from your neck of the woods in far Western Massachusetts. I remember fifteen years ago, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts they had an ancient black buggy, sealed in glass by the roadside. Inside was what had to be a real skeleton! With a little sign by its side:


It just sat there, a little trap for the unwary.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I live very near to Williamstown. All the deep valleys here have flood histories. A quarter of Berlin was swept away in a flood in 1891 and then again in 1948. Each time, people rebuilt along Plank Road, the steepest valley here.

Then a propane truck careened down that road in 1962. Blew up that part of town.

Some people have no luck at all.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Head's up: I visited your weblog page, blues. Left a footprint there.

D. F. Facti

The US AG's office penned (another) secret opinion, this time in reference to EPA whistleblowers' right to sue. It claims Sovereign Immunity - can't sue the king, as he is the source of the law. It is employed in US, of course, but there are exceptions. This is a good site for checking up on the latest outrage:

They had to FOIA the AG opinion.

Your tax dollars at work - - -

no decision yet on our memo. seeking professional advice on how best to use it.

How do you do HTML on this site - in the comments - btw - - -

Local LC Boater

Get you "dam" facts straight. Wolf Creek Dam is NOT about to collapse, it is leaking...just as it has since it was built. There are so many people spreading "doom and gloom" rumors right now that the local economy is sinking. Little did you know that the tourism profits from Lake Cumberland exceed both the power generation profits, and the money saved from flood prevention.

So, in your misguided rant, you are helping destroy the recreational boating, camping, and fishing in this area.

If the dam was actually about to collapse, I wouldn't have been stupid enough to be boating on Lake Cumberland yesterday....within 100 yards of the dam!

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