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Asterix and Obelix, great fun. I used to practice drawing them all the time when I was a kid. Don't forget Dogmatix. Thanks for the reminder.


I liked Tintin when I was a kid - our school library had several Tintin books.

Here are a couple of interesting liks:

A steam car with up-to-date materials and technology should work just fine.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

So, Smith, why are you pretending to be the Captain? At least you should try to be more like Snowy.

Eric Bloodaxe

A couple of brothers, twins, came out with a steam cars,somewhere around the sixties or seventies, with a flash boiler which could get steam up in minutes, but I haven't heard of them since so they must have failed. The Stanley steamer held all sorts of records, the gasoline powered car companies, ran a fear campaign, about boiler bursts which killed it off. I remember as a small boy seeing steam powered trucks, and of course there were Steam rollers, and steam tractors pulling threshing machines. My father told me of the local squire, who got a steam plough.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Don't forget the steam hoes! A number of big rigs were steam until diesel, invented by desperate Germans, took over.

Mr P

Just a point on that picture... Steam vehicles don't often have shiftable gears (some farm equipment, heavy steam trucks and freight trains, yes..), they don't need them! Much like electric ones, so long as the starting torque is sufficient to pull the maximum weight up the steepest hill it's likely to face, and the mechanicals can withstand whatever maximum speed you wish it to reach, the pistons/turbine can either be directly coupled to the wheel, or use a fixed reduction/multiplication gear. And no clutch or torque converter either! What a pity the process is generally so inefficient unless it's scaled right up (e.g. to the point of a superheated powerplant). It's only advantage is that it can run off nearly any energy source that provides sufficient heat, including many unsuitable for generation - otherwise the work you put into making the steam may as well go into driving an electric motor instead.

Also, many early automobiles, regardless of type, lacked multi-gear transmissions; the expense, and the level of technology was such that they were just too pricey, sapped power and were prone to failure (plus the engines tended not to need them - early gasoline engines had far more torque than power, rather than the reverse that's true today). The lever you've marked as "gears" is probably a control for the steam regulator or something similar, to control the overall speed (there's no other throttling device noted!).

A nice insight however - I never knew of the existance of this vehicle! Though I didn't reach "Henry Ford Invented The Automobile!!!!11" levels of ignorance (PS, neither did a lot of supposed inventors actually come up with their famous works - they merely improved and popularised someone else's often unpatented work), I had thought it was mostly Cugenot steam gun-carriage - the odd steam omnibus - massive spread of railway engines - Benz & Daimler's various ICE inventions - THEN a battle between ICE, electric and steam vehicles, once the meme of individual self-powered transport had been introduced. Cool stuff.

David Franklin Smith

Hal Robins is entertaining still a new generation of youngsters as a fan-favorite voice actor for a HUGH video game franchize called half-life. He plays a significant role as a absent minded genius scientist named Dr. Isaac Kleiner. They beauty of the game is that its like a totally interactive movie, with a deep involving plot and cast.

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I have tertiary syphilis.

Cassie Brendan

I usually see these kinds of cars only in a museum. So there's still one that's up and running? I wonder who bought that car, and I wonder if he or she's using it.

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