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larry, dfh

The Chrysler Building! My favorite, with those shiny ultra-satanic stainless-steel gargoyles. What a great view you had.


LOL i thought this was going to be the article that sealed the deal, converted the non believers....put WTC 7 to rest.....but alas.

we talk about Ron Pauls faltering campaign entirely it seems because he denounced the 911 truth movement (no mention at all that he was fucked over by the media!)

we quickly switch to Elvis and equally quickly we start dreaming. Now normally I dream about some 3 way action with the missus and some other hottie but maybe I subconsciously want to do it on the former WTC 7 rooftop?????

Then we spend some considerable time reminiscing about the Cuban missile crisis and JFK.

Then we talk about George Orwell and the book 1984

Then a few disjointed paragraphs about ww3, Reagan, Israel, missile defence, etc.

Ahh finally onto the nitty gritty.......the WTC....and architecture....

a couple of funny little cross sectional drawings of the WTC, with some commentary from Elaine that they were "crummy" and that scaffolds quite often fall down after Elaine walks past that a spanner in your pocket or are you just pleased to see someone???? ;)

then a hard hitting wikipedia quote about a chopper fragging itself on the roof and a couple of sidewalk human pizza's.

some more commentary about noisy helicopters and other small craft hitting good old fashioned non flat roofed buildings.

now the main deal the article from masonry expert David T Biggs citing FEMA (yes FEMA that organisation that brought you such wonderful responses and solutions in New Orleans.) giving comment on "the event" and also the performance of the verizon building, and a funny little unscaled schematic shows us how the WTC was actually held together by 2 small hair clips stolen from Goldilocks.

then we are told how hard it is for us puny brained non experts to understand all this complicated big persons talk

then a whole pile of info about how masonry would have saved the day and defeated those dirty filthy terrorists.

Buildings fail all the time!!! I cant walk down a street without sidestepping all those non masonry flat roofed failing buildings falling into their own footprint.

Well that solved it all...IM CONVINCED!


The problem IS that we are ignoring the fine detail about things like WTC 7 and blaming five feet of concrete dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oswald did it.....move along nothing to see here, get on with your life!
Bi Laden did it....nothing to see here go shopping and get on with your life!

Its because we are ignoring the facts and the crime and the who did what and not exposing the criminals and not getting to the truth of these matters that we will never get anywhere on any of the other things that you talk about Elaine such as Palestine, ww3, the coming apocalypse.

you wont expose the crime and the criminals who committed it and therefore they are free to inturn commit bigger crimes and bigger atrocities because people like you were happy to turn a blind eye and focus on the patsy, the Oswald, the bin laden and ridicule just as bush, Cheney and the Fox news team do anyone that hasn't accepted the mainstream version of events and wants the truth.

wake up from the dream Elaine!

Greg Q

Hi Elaine,

I love your stuff and make it a point to read your blog everyday...but your a little off the track on this one.

I agree with you that we need to focus our attention on preventing WWIII, but Sept 11th is THE "pivotal" event of this new century. It guides our economic, military and social debates and policies.

I worked in 7 WTC for 6 years and saw first hand many strange "goings-ons". Lots of secret government guys and restricted access floors. But that's not a surprise since they all had offices there.

I, until recently, thought as you do. That the building must have been built poorly. This is false wishful "MAGIC" thinking by people who refuse to consider the law of gravity and inertia.

Without getting too boring or technical, the collapse of the WTC buildings violate these laws.

If they truly collapsed as a result of the planes crashing through support beams, the building would have taken more than 100 seconds to fall. Each floor would delay inertia 1/2 to 1 full second before continuing downward. In addition, the immense core structure would have remained in place and stood throughout the collapse. If that were not enough, seismic readings of over 2.2 on the rector scale were registered 10 seconds before the collapse of each building, except building 7, which had a seismic reading less than 1.5...Smaller building requires less explosive!

I do agree with you that the building should have been built better, but that does not or should not prevent people like yourself from looking at REAL science, which clearly discredits your argument. I know...because I thought the same as you until I looked at the science.

That fact is that the neo-cons and the New World Order needed Sept 11th to get us into wars, which will lead into WWIII so they can cover-up their reckless banking, fiscal, tax, spending and other MONEY AND CRIMINAL activities. In other words...a total BLACK-OPP!

So until you and millions of other people face the TRUTH about Sept 11th and get outraged...we can't take the steps needed to stop WWIII.


I am not one of those people who seem to be programmed to have a fixed response to all questions about the WTC collapses. First, I want the truth. For without the truth, how will I ever fashion the much-needed appropriate lies?

But anyway. There are simply 10,000 things wrong with the official narrative, and I hardly know where to begin to bring them up. Let me just bring up one. Let's suppose that the twins really did "pancake," collapsing under their own weight. We all know that the buildings, unique in their time, were not supported by a steel "honeycomb" matrix, but rather by 47 very massive steel core (central) columns, in conjunction with a steel reinforced concrete exterior shell (but mostly just window glass).

If the outer shell collapsed, then the central steel columns should have endured. Suppose a plane hit the core columns head-on. The aircraft involved were made of frail aluminum (much of which contained kerosene). The result would be just like the result of a soda can being thrown at a boulder. The can would shatter, not the rock. The only substantial structures of the planes were their pairs of jet engines, which are (according to the reports) steel alloyed with titanium. But these engines are rather small, and could only dent, or perhaps rupture, a very few steel core columns. So at least most of the core columns should have remained relatively intact. But they did not.

I'm not yet sure why this is all so important, but something tells me it is. As far as Ron Paul is concerned, he was far less candid all along that his "followers" were led to believe. He could have just promised a new investigation. But, hell; he's even goofier than they are.


hmmmm umm errr ummmm

"The view on the Chrysler Building from the 86th floor observatory of the Empire State Building."

That cant be right can it???

the caption on that site surely must be wrong....I must contact them and tell em to get it right.

Then again I might not worry about it, let em think its taken from the Empire State why let such things as facts get in the way of a good story eh?????


Elaine Supkis

Greg, dear child, I took an online photo. My view was slightly different. Gads, you are a mess.

Dear everyone: Even the dumbest conspiracy theory has to have some motivational logic. Again: since the 'bomb' theory has NO MOTIVATIONAL BASIS, it is just pure fantasy speculation. Humans don't do this sort of thing due to being lazy. They knew the planes would be hijacked. They let them be hijacked. They hit the targets and scared people. The hitting of the Pentagon was NOT expected.

This set our sleeping military into high gear. But the fact that they did nothing meant they were COMPLICIT and that is all we need to know to arrest Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

Indeed, the fact that they HID from us after 9/11 for several days to get their joint stories correct shows that the collapse made things WORSE for them.

Since it befuddled them, this is proof they didn't expect that event. And since no one here believes me in this analysis, I will fall back on the other side of my world view: I saw 9/11 a full month before it happened.

And I saw what was involved. This was the opening of a major portal to the Outer Darkness for the Apocalypse to enter. But that can be my personal pure fantasy except my entire family and a number of online people talked with me about this vision before it happened at American Prospect.

So if you want magic, there it is: the buildings were sucked into the vortex. Ha.

But I ask no one to believe that business so we stick to normal human actions and the actions of Bush and Cheney on 9/11 shows they were FRIGHTENED when the buildings collapsed.

And this is at the root of the people who want to imagine darker conspiracies: you are elevating Bush to godhood here. Don't do it, please. Don't. He is an incompetent fool, or rather , the Fool on the Beast coming out of the Storm.

Not the Creator. Bin Laden is the Creator in this matrix. Something few of the conspiracy people want to admit or believe.

Elaine Supkis

Greg Q.: Building 7 had a lot of CIA stuff. So...why the hell would they blow it up? Logic has to lie here somewhere. I wonder why there is this obsession with the idea they had to blow things up when all rational thinking would point to the exact opposite. And the real proof they didn't blow it up is the fact that there were no sounds or sights of a blow up.

I can't explain this enough: blowing up buildings is so very loud, you cover your ears if you are standing 10 blocks away. I have been part of the witnesses to the blowing up of skyscrapers in the past. The bombs going off also have a brilliant flash, not a reddish glow. It is blindingly bright!

And the sound is like a huge series of guns going off since they don't go off instantly, together, there is a time lag.

NONE of this happened on 9/11. None. So even visual/sound proofs of bombs are TOTALLY MISSING. Get that?

I also do not see any connection with believing bombs went off and resisting Bush and Cheney. The anthrax killer is much more connected to them yet no one talks about that. The US won't impeach these guys due to their helping Israel. And getting a replacement won't fix things since AIPAC wants a tool in the White House and we will be NO BETTER OFF if we drive Bush and Cheney out.

As for crimes: both men are war criminals and we should try them for that but the US won't admit we are Nazi Germany. The bomb business doesn't fix that mess, either. So believing in these phantom bombs won't alter history, stop the Apocalypse or change squat diddley so why the obsessions over it?

This truly puzzles me. I think none of you will come here again due to my refusal to fall into this bizarre story line that sprang up online after 9/11 at around mid-November that year. And frankly, I don't care if all the 'Truthers' tell me to go to hell.

Just as I won't stop talking about Israel and other unpleasant things.

Also, due to the illogical nature of this belief system, you guys have shut down ALL discussion of 9/11. You realize this? Most of the 9/11 truthers are very nasty and use obscene curses and in general, sound nuts. I will admit, this annoys me greatly.

That, and the nit picking. Like Greg, above, who makes fun of me using an online picture which is fairly close to my view in 1977. Only I was to the east of where the picture was taken.

The need to mock me is part of his psychosis. He has to feel bitter elevation of his own sagacity. He is not fooled! He is powerful! He is smart!

Gads. But to me, he is a nit picker who can't see the log in his own eye while looking for splinters in other people's eyes.

Since few people trust my political sense, I can't stop anyone from this destructive course. Calling for a release of all 9/11 data and materials and for a new investigation is very proper. And should be the focus of all your collective ire.

But attaching this demand to the demand that all of us believe this particular fantasy has DIVIDED THE COMMUNITY. It has cut off totally, the people wanting investigations and release of data from the 'truthers' who want us all to believe something that has virtually no positive proof at all. Can anyone see what I am getting at?

Drop the bomb business. Say the collapses were mysterious and need investigation. As far as I can tell, you guys are already convinced and no investigation will shake your faith which is rather sad, I may add.

For this weakens you politically. See?

On the other hand, OFF THE CLIFF WE GO. Whee.

Elaine Supkis

Since I cannot dissuade long time readers here, I realize it is impossible to stop this particular train wreck. It has a life of its own and people who believe in this business will cut themselves off from all objections and end up in some corner of the web, boosting each other's beliefs. This is what the government wants above all else: mental isolation from the vast majority of people. This way, you can't form coalitions and joint efforts.

Just as we see no peace movement. It was splintered by the desire of the Zionist anti war people refusing to allow any demonstrations talk about or deal with the Palestinian questions.

Rather than allow that, they worked to prevent any peace movement actions at all. Ditto the impeachment movement which was beginning to gather some steam in 2004 but died when Bush gave Israel the green light to attack Lebanon.

When I was in the peace movement in the sixties, I was in the disarmament sector. This was a powerful movement until 1974. Suddenly, it died. Very rapidly. At that time, I wondered why.

Then, in the 1990's, we learned that Israel got nukes back then.

This is the sort of conspiracy stuff we should worry about. Instead of worrying about mythical bombs, let's worry about REAL BOMBS. The global nuclear arsenal which is growing. This is why I talked about Kennedy here.

Focus on the important things, everyone! In this case, nuclear disarmament!


"So time to address this issue, I say."

God, Elaine... as I was reading down this thing I was thinking "Wait'll you hit the comments."

And sho' 'nuff... the usual suspects.

Elvis sightings... alien abductions... and 911Truthers. Some people believe "X-Files" was a documentary.

I've found the best reaction isn't reational discussion - the best reaction is "Whatever you say!" Then you bail. Because nothing at all is ever going to convince some people that they haven't discovered the "inside story".


I agree with Elaine that the important thing is to clear up what actually happened on 9/11. I was watching the schmaltzy (good Yiddish word there) Aaron Brown on CNN that day, and couldn't help but reflect how staged the whole thing appeared, with big leading headlines about how America was under attack and fast cuts to Palestine. For example CNN and the BBC both reported that Building 7 had collapsed well before it actually did. And all the lies that the Bush administration so desperately spouted in the coming days like Condoleeza Rice's preposterous claim that nobody could have imagined an attack with airplanes. Practically every intelligence service in the world was frantically busy warning the US about impending attacks just before the attacks occurred. Yet they were allowed to occur. That is the only possible conclusion to be drawn. The whole 9/11 story stinks to high heaven any way you look at it. The mystery is why there is so little pressure to bring it all out in the open. But I think people (Americans) are simply afraid to find out how deep the rot goes. It is much the same reasoning that keeps people from demanding the arrest of Bush, or at least the impeachment of him for his numerous crimes. It seems it is better to simply live in denial as long as you can than to confront painful truths that have real consequences for your life and basic world view...


"...the Pentagon is filled with people who don't really want to understand the nature of nuclear war. The think tank guys are supposed to imagine this but they also cannot..."

Exactly. About 20 years ago, I was assigned to be the editor for a very prominent Civil Defense expert who had published volumes about living in the post-nuke-holocaust world. Within 6 months, I asked to be reassigned. Most of his articles were about re-establishing the banking system after WWIII. Or Wall Street. Or department stores. He even had articles about how to purify water using chemicals from the local pool supply manufacturing plant.

"This is nuts," I remarked one day. "These people think we'll all stand up after the big one, dust ourselves off a little bit, and then wonder if the ATM card is still functioning."

I never read one article that seemed to grasp the magnitude of a nuclear war. In my mind, the detonation of a single device would be inconceivably evil and destructive, but the experts were nonchalantly speculating about hundreds of bombs going off. Where I imagined the entire earth as a hellish inferno incapable of sustaining any life above ground, they saw the post-apocalyptic world as the equivalent of a Sunday picnic spoiled by a thunderstorm and needing to be re-scheduled.

Luckily, I was re-assigned. The expert continued his fantasies and publications--the "stop, drop, and roll" variety; and he continued to enjoy the admiration of his peers and the Pentagon. He later died, but there's always another expert to fill the small shoes of think tank writers.


Since few people trust my political sense, I can't stop anyone from this destructive course. Calling for a release of all 9/11 data and materials and for a new investigation is very proper. And should be the focus of all your collective ire.

But attaching this demand to the demand that all of us believe this particular fantasy has DIVIDED THE COMMUNITY. It has cut off totally, the people wanting investigations and release of data from the 'truthers' who want us all to believe something that has virtually no positive proof at all. Can anyone see what I am getting at?"

good points, but the "truthers" are most definitely NOT wanting everyone to just believe the bombs theory. They ARE calling for investigations and DO want to know the truth, WHATEVER it is. (this cap thing is fun, Elaine). This is why I defend "them" when I see them all lumped as crazies, a cult, etc. Sure, there are some like that, but let's not get carried away.

Elaine Supkis

Exactly what is wrong, Bruce. If there were calls for investigations thanks to LACK OF INFORMATION we can persuade people to join us.

The minute you begin to talk wildly about bombs rather than jets causing the collapses, people edge away. Especially when the eyes begin to bulge and the person waves their arms!

Thanks to growing up inside the CIA, I sound like I am nuts all the time. Each time the US has to cough up classified material, my nutty talk becomes truth.

But in this case NOTHING has been coughed up at all. So pegging everything on the supposition there were bombs is futile. Indeed, if there were no bombs [and frankly, there were none] then you all look like nuts, see?

People won't join you, they will side with anyone who says this is nutty! So what did you gain?

NOTHING. On the other hand, if you guys only said to others who are calling for an investigation, 'Yeah, we may be wrong and we are just guessing.' you lose nothing at all, you sound sane.

But the clinging to this bizarre idea is the hinge: believers in this bomb story end up extremists attacking their allies. Which is why I believe this whole crackpot story was launched by black ops people hoping to isolate critics. It certainly is working great.

Elaine Supkis

Anyone reading the comments here can plainly see the fury of the 'bomb' people. They can't debate, they shout their 'information' and then any counter information is not refuted, it is ignored.

And I decided to drag this out into the open because it frankly irritates me a lot. Just like the followers of Saacha at that spook site irritates me a lot. I suspect she is a collective misinformation site run by operatives in the CIA.

The government has focused their DARPA misinformation programs on the web and they figured out in the last three years, running spooky conspiracy web sites is the way to go.

I am not part of this because I use my real name which can be confirmed. Anyone who wants to use the Freedom of Information Act to look at a censored version of my files may and more than one reporter has done this.

But I see people holding dear, web sites run by strangers with strange agendas. And the need to feel as if we know more than we know is strong and this is exploited by DARPA. Anyone who disputes the 'bomb' story is probably your friends, not your enemies. The people who agree with you, at the top, the top web sites promoting all this are possibly DARPA mouthpieces. They will encourage you all to attack any doubters.

This happened to poor Ron Paul, for example. Now, the wrath of AIPAC who holds a lot of power, will be unleashed on him and he knows this.

Elaine Supkis

Hi, Daliwood! Hope you are well. Fascinating story you tell. I knew some of these guys, a sister of mine married a DARPA man who got in a vicious battle with me over some domestic issues and I got the Secret Service to pull his top security clearance.

He was one of the nuts who thought we could flourish after WWIII. The removal of the vast majority of the people would mean more room for himself and his buddies. They are all totally insane. And extremely dangerous. If they could, they would destroy NYC in an eyeblink.

And being smart, they know all they have to do is egg on some murderous person and then not defend us. It is that simple.


"I believe this whole crackpot story was launched by black ops people hoping to isolate critics. It certainly is working great."

That's why it's not "black ops"; it has the unmistakable flavor of conspiracy-theorist nuttery, including the fervor and commitment. You don't get that from a planted story, only from the home-brewed variety.


"So pegging everything on the supposition there were bombs is futile. "

Elaine, you are attacking, you insult anyone who doesn't abide by your theory with the same old "crazies' inuendo. You are invested in your theory. It's ironic, isn't it? Is it projection, or do you do it on purpose?

Here you go, Elaine. Here is a perfect example: "The minute you begin to talk wildly about bombs"

Elaine, I don't talk wildly about bombs, nor do most people. They speculate, and they make good points. They also present their information with respect to the audience and do not seek blind belief.

"So pegging everything on the supposition there were bombs is futile. "

Wrong again, Elaine. 9/11 questioners do not peg everything on bombs.

"They can't debate, they shout their 'information' "

This from the all-caps writer! there are any number of places on the Web to find good information from good people on 9/11. Any reader who takes the time to explore will instantly see where the strength of argument is and who is wild and shouting inconsistent speculations.

Jim B

Elvis died due to an overdose of drugs? Well, you don't know that. Do you?

Just keeping you honest, as they say.


"I would even joke, 'Yeah, he has to hide from his own fans because they are insane.' "

Dang, Elaine. Don't insult Elvis fans too!

Greg Q

Hi Elaine,

I still love your stuff in spite of your disagreeing with me.

My comment only regards the SCIENCE of the law of gravity and inertia.

It is impossible for buildings of that size...with reinforced fire stops every 60 collapse at the rate of free fall.

It has never happened before and never will without assistance. NO WAY...NO HOW!

I "get" your politics and love your wisdom on almost everything. 911 truth is NOT my religion. I came to my own conclusion, thank you. So I am not married to it. Just show me the proof of how the collapse of those building, which violated every rule of science, could have happened.

By the way, seismic readings were taken that day...the facts are the facts...2.1 and 2.3 on the rector scale 10 seconds before each building fell. It was felt and heard!

As for the Pentagon, it's time for the Government to show us the film of the plane going in. Then they can shut everyone up in 2 seconds.

There is a film shot from Hoboken, NJ that clearly shows the science and the flashes of explosives. It is

Anyway...I love your stuff. I am a loyal reader and will continue to be.


"'bomb' theory has NO MOTIVATIONAL BASIS,"

If there were bombs used to induce collapse it would make sense. Two towers hit by hijacked planes are not the same has two towers, uh, well, exploding (it looks more like "explode" than "implode". not trying to prove anything, just sayin). One is tragic, and a crazed and vicious act, the other is a shock and awe, a "New Pearl Harbor" a proper catalyst for a war.


sure they were scared when the towers fell, that wasn't part of the plan they were aware of. a real "oh shit" moment there. and they can't admit or investigate what they didn't know, because then it would be plain what they did know.

Elaine, make a simple have the info, you're just missing the connection.

but i totally agree that part of the "9/11 truth" movement is's false-flag...just enough misinformation to keep the weak-minded confused with ridiculous theories, which gives the anti side anough ammo to keep people like you calling the whole thing nuts.

good job there, Elaine. doing exactly what they want.


All the police and fire personnel who were present when the twin towers collapsed emphasize that the collapses were preceded by "explosions — TREMENDOUS EXPLOSIONS." Yet this detail goes completely ignored. Why?


exactly, blues.

Elaine wrote:
NONE of this happened on 9/11. None. So even visual/sound proofs of bombs are TOTALLY MISSING.

wrong. totally wrong. i've seen the videos that show the explosions occurring below the fall. i remember the descriptions of explosions, and the early theories that there were bombs planted because of the sounds heard at the site.

for the majority of people that sees to have all gone into a 1984 memory hole.

mock turtle


how did wtc 7, which was not struck on 911, collapse when buildings nearly as close to the north and south towers remained standing?

where was the 4th plane headed before those brave souls fought for control of the jet liner forcing it into the ground in PA?

i don't know exactly what happened on 911. i do believe that repeatedly FBI agents in 3 states covering 3 separate investigations came forward to superiors with information and requests for actions that would have likely stemmed these attacks and these agents were stymied.

finally, if anybody had told me that 6 years after 911 that murderous bastard OBL would still be at large on the boarder of pakistan and afghanistan i would have called them a liar.

the lies this administration has told to confabulate false connections between the war in iraq and the takfiri salafists (islamic-extremist-terrorists) destroyed all their credibility with me.

maybe these buildings fell as claimed and maybe they didn't...i'm not sure.

but please, in these terrifying times, in your bid to seem more balanced don't risk pandering to the other side.

i love my country and fear for our children's future. i enjoy your blog and thank you for it, but please, be fact based. after all , lets face it, the thought police are using screening programs to "read" all these blogs, and they already have us all pegged.

mock turtle,

ps...when you talk about harmonic days and magic numbers i'm not sure if you are a metaphysical genius or a little insane?

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