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Elaine, excellent pics. Cnn just reported that GE CEO-Immelt, said what you have been saying all along, This housing crisis is the worst since the 1930's depression, if he only listened to you. I would like to
see a picture of him? Jeff-Say Cheese?

D. F. Facti

Thank you for this lovely post. What are they doing with the ex-industrial sites out there?

Congrats on the new camera!


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Toxic clean ups.



These are great shots, you are obviously putting the new Nikon to excellent use!

Troy, NY didn't look nearly so appealing when I was driving through to VT last summer.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Troy does have some beauty, all cities have this elusive thing, one must hunt them down. I wish I had this camera 20 years ago when I was busy in Pennsylvania's steel mill communities. The blast furnaces at night in winter were as inspiring as volcanos! But no camera could capture this glory!

Now I have the right camera, there are no steel mills to photograph.


Thanks for the photo tour. Shot from the right angle and greatly enlarged, those post-industrial ruins can make excellent art shots.

Shoot them, print them, frame them, and sell them on your site!


Could you post some pictures of your chicken coop with some practical advice. Also any advice that would help me convince my wife that raising chickens at home is a good idea and that they are not filthy dirty animals.

Kind regards.


I just discovered your blog. I especially loved reading about Charles Nalle. I am black and moved to Troy in 2004 after 13 years of living in Greene County. One of the reasons I moved to Troy is because of the part this city played in the abolitionist movement. Troy should be very proud of this and it has always baffled me that the city does not play up this part of its history.

While black people were being enslaved in the South, Troy allowed its black citizens to live free. Blacks were allowed to have their own businesses and own their own homes. Trojans rejected the institution of slavery and saw its citizens as human beings. This fact should never be left out of any book or documentary about Troy.

Another main reason that I moved to Troy is because of the beautiful architecture. To me, Troy is one of the most beautiful cities in the world because of its architecture. I am the proud owner of a Queen Anne Victorian home in North Central Troy. I wanted to be a part Troy's renewal too. It has been frustrating and things are going too slow, but I hang in there because I have faith.

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Large buildings seem to be works not made by men, by its vastness and designs. But these buildings is indicative of the potential that man can offer.

Jesse Mcgraw

That "South Tavern" place is already a hundred fifty years old? Whatever the building maintenance people are doing so far must be pretty effective for their building to last more than a lifetime. Anyway, back to the topic. You must have had a lot of fun with your "new" D40! Could you share more of your photos soon?

Jenni Rodin

Beautiful photos and commentary! Thank you. I am thinking about going to school in Troy and this page of yours was super helpful! It looks like a fascinating place with an odd sort of post-industrialistic Northeastern beauty.

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