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Hello Elaine - you are wonderfully gifted.


This is an even more incredible story and brought a tear to my eyes.

Determination to survive and love, rather than seeking comfort and material possessions, will be very valuable in the near future.

I am fascinated by the tents you built as well as their very powerful place in the human imagination throughout history as they were the only means of survival for many generations of people, no?

I was reading the Mormon Church Handbook of Instructions (1999) that was leaked via Wikileaks.

"Most geographic areas of the Church are divided into stakes. A stake normally is composed of five to twelve wards and branches. The term stake comes from the prophecies of Isaiah, who described latter-day Zion as a tent or tabernacle that would be held secure by stakes (see Isaiah 33:20; 54:2). The stakes of Zion are like the stakes of a large tent that hold it secure so it protects all who enter."


This brings us to the Denver International Airport (DIA) that is built like a tent, perhaps a new age Masonic NWO cathedral.

Coincidentally right in the middle of NORAD and the several military bases, right in the middle of the country, with a mile of bedrock above sea level for digging survival tunnels that people who crave power so love.

"Numberous murals - (I have pictures of all) - promote paganism,indigenous people power and World Order. Much of the Indian spirituality has Aztec/Mayan overtones. Nature worship is a primary theme. One casket has a Christian child lying in it. Webb met with chiefs and witchdoctors of various Indian tribes, before the construction of the airport, because they were concerned it was being built over Indian burial and warring grounds, and that the spirits of the dead were angry. Thus, rituals were performed by their shaman and the "tent-like" terminal structure."


You can’t take it when you go
that’s something that you oughta know
Love isn’t counted in gold
only in heart and soul

Dave Mason.....


How far upstate does one need to go to be able to build and live in a tent like this, without hassle from the town?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We chose to live in Berlin because it is a truly 'Wild West' town of the old sort. The people here don't hassle each other over stupid things. I have lived in places where you can't blink without being sued or harassed.

When the school first learned my son was living with no electricity or running water, they were worried and came to visit. Soon, they were charmed by all this.

Seeing my son's grades go up and his work get better and better because we read lots of books and played board games, etc rather than have electronic entertainment, the principal and staff decided he had a SUPERIOR lifestyle! 'Maybe all the students should live in tents,' said Mr. Stead to me one day.

His fellow students changed from mocking him at first to being rather envious of his interesting lifestyle. Also, when we had no money, the school helped out as much as possible.

It really was a nice situation.



My daughter is 2 years old. When she learns to read I will give to her a religious book, such as the bible or a book about budha, a book about humanist psycology, (A.Maslow/Carl Rogers) and your biography. So, think about to put on a book your life experience and your thoughts.


Theatrical movie publicity photos from the upcoming adaptation of James Kunstlers "World Made By Hand"? If this wonderful post-oil novel IS made into a movie (what a wake-up call that would be if advertised heavily to the general publik) they might consult these fotos for set design. Actually..... a bit heartening and uplifting to see it was done in the past and CAN BE DONE in the future, if need be, as amerika enters "the big correction".

Elaine Meinel Supkis

A movie was made about my sister, Mary. But none will be made about me. Hell's bells! Um, anyone who says, 'AIPAC is evil' has zero chance of making anything in Hollywood.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

It was 'Mozart and the Whale' and is filled with all sorts of goofy false stuff. Annoying as hell.


"dissatisfaction, distraction or anger"

First comes the distraction of an envious better state of existence, then the dissatisfaction of thinking that there is a condition that is more deserving of oneself, and finally to the initial reaction of anger to the pain of loss of not achieving the imagined state.
Elaine a wonderful pictorial saga of making do - and an heart warming account of the primal joy of existence and inner strength. We must also must think how a majority of humans on this planet would think of your tent as a McMansion.


Thus beginning, and thus ending,
Do I roll up all my legends,
Roll them in a ball for safety,
In my memory arrange them,
In their narrow place of resting,
Lest the songs escape unheeded,
While the lock is still unopened,
While the teeth remain unparted,
And the weary tongue is silent.
Why should I sing other legends,
Chant them in the glen and forest,
Sing them on the hill and heather?
Cold and still my golden mother
Lies beneath the meadow, sleeping,
Hears my ancient songs no longer,
Cannot listen to my singing;
Only will the forest listen,
Sacred birches, sighing pine-trees,
Junipers endowed with kindness,
Alder-trees that love to bear me,
With the aspens and the willows.

When my loving mother left me,
Young was I, and low of stature;
Like the cuckoo of the forest,
Like the thrush upon the heather,
Like the lark I learned to twitter,
Learned to sing my simple measures,
Guided by a second mother,
Stern and cold, without affection;
Drove me helpless from my chamber
To the wind-side of her dwelling,
To the north-side of her cottage,
Where the chilling winds in mercy
Carried off the unprotected.
As a lark I learned to wander,
Wander as a lonely song-bird,
Through the forests and the fenlands
Quietly o'er hill and heather;
Walked in pain about the marshes,
Learned the songs of winds and waters,
Learned the music of the ocean,
And the echoes of the woodlands.

Many men that live to murmur,
Many women live to censure,
Many speak with evil motives;
Many they with wretched voices
Curse me for my wretched singing,
Blame my tongue for speaking wisdom,
Call my ancient songs unworthy,
Blame the songs and curse the singer.
Be not thus, my worthy people,
Blame me not for singing badly,
Unpretending as a minstrel.
I have never had the teaching,
Never lived with ancient heroes,
Never learned the tongues of strangers,
Never claimed to know much wisdom.
Others have had language-masters,
Nature was my only teacher,
Woods and waters my instructors.
Homeless, friendless, lone, and needy,
Save in childhood with my mother,
When beneath her painted rafters,
Where she twirled the flying spindle,
By the work-bench of my brother,
By the window of my sister,
In. the cabin of my father,
In my early days of childhood.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ah, the great Kalevala by Lönnrot! The belief systems of Finland are full of all sorts of very amazing Ice Age items of great interest including the grinding of the Great Mill.

Christian W

The Sampo! That can make gold, or whatever the user needed, out of nothing.

A very moving story Elaine. Thank you.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, the Sampo. Which is found if one follows the right magic, stirring the fire with the crooked stick. Hamlet was the name of the hero who did all this.....I recommend the hard labor of digging through 'Hamlet's Mill' which talks about religion, stars and the shifts of the Zodiac due to the earth being a wobbly thing.



It doesn't have to be a book. It could be just a blog. One post for each year...


Thank you for sharing the many pieces of your life. You are truly an inspiration on many levels.


"People ask me, 'What can we do today to save ourselves?' And are dissatisfied when I say, 'Love your family, care for your children, live life with wonder, care and know that everything is, in the end, an adventure. For good or ill, it still is an experience. And no one can put a price on this nor take it away."

OK, Elaine... that's a keeper.

"Yes, the Sampo. Which is found if one follows the right magic, stirring the fire with the crooked stick."

And who made the Sampo? The Smith, Ilmarinen:

On the first day of their labor
He himself, smith Ilmarinen,
Stooped him down, intently gazing,
To the bottom of the furnace
If perchance amid the fire
Something brilliant had developed.

(Hamlet's Mill, p.100)


Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your past... Very inspiring


I spent my summers in Berlin with my grandparents. My grandfather suffered a heartattack and died on the mountain one July morning in 1972. The ambulance came to take him away. We had a party line phone. I have fond memories of a fish and game club near thier home that had a bowling alley . That clubhouse has been replaced following a fire.
You made me yearn to return and bring my teenagers there. I learned to swim in the lake abutting thier property. The view you have is brought a tear of a better time.
Thank you for sharing your family with me.


Hey. Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.
I am from Norway and also now am reading in English, please tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "The step of culture insect in henchmen retains from infected role shampoo."

Thank you very much 8-). Teddy.

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