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March 11, 2006



Dear Elaine,

Just to give you a message from the Netherlands.

I really appreciate your efforts in maintaining your blog on all kinds of aspects concerning, inter alia, economical issues relating to the US. Although your dislike of Japan and China seems to tend to influence your view on global economics too much (no borrower, no lending), I really love your in-depth arguments on the matters at hand.

Just to let you know that independant media in Europe is somehow alive, please note the link below which shows a broadcast from a Dutch television program regarded as serious journalistic content (not NBC or CNN ;) ). Unfortunately, the program is in Dutch language only, but it rises the question whether the Bush administration knew more about 911 than appears from the official files.

Unfortunately, due to Dutch politic plans, this tv program (along with some other highly independent news sources) is threatened with extinction due to government plans. I still have to investigate whether such plans came before or after its 911 critics :P

Keep up the good work and please let us know the moment you are harrassed beyond belief by your government because at that moment, we in Europe know the end is definitely near :X

(AKA, please prepare your goodbye note to your family and friends in advance for submission at the stroke of a key; you're one hell of a brave woman ;)

Don't like the US government, but do like brave US people.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I love Japan and China, but the PEOPLE there are not the GOVERNMENT. If you read all my stuff you will see me cheering on the Chinese people in their endless tug of war with their rulers who, like ours, are out to sell everyone into slavery.

They are our allies, the workers, that is. In the long run.

And if I go, everything will go, too, like WWIII sort of "blewie".

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