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D.F. Facti

As we suspected re Diebold. Also, the early reporting about FitzGerald being a lone ranger, Mr. Striaght himself - - - very serpentine politics on this one - Peter FitzGerald, R. Senator from Illinois and an outsider w/in Illinois politics, chose Patrick Fitz because he had no chumminess ties to any Illinois politicians of either stripe. ... Earlier on, a speculation was that Ritchie Daley, a pal of 'W', believe it or not, would avoid indictment in the current patronage scandals plaguing the Chicago mayor's office in exchange for Patrick Fitz not indicting Rove. ... Daley acts like a R a lot of the time - taking over the schools, privatizing this and that, installing spy devices all over the city, kissing up to Walmart - - - Peter Fitz was more the libertarian R, not a fundie nutcase. They got rid of him, of course. Hmmm...

Elaine Meinel Supkis

No one seems to see the importance of this news. Hmmm. I guess all those posters on the left yelling 'Merry Fritzmas!' are afraid of being burned yet again.

The Plame affair is a tiny matter but it is also a key that opens the door on very dangerous, murderous deeds that do resound! So I remain very interested in this matter.

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