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mark abbott

It's made ever more sense as the years have rolled on, at least to me.

I've had a bellyful of men on chessboards getting up and telling me where to go, as well as white knights talking backwards. For decades!

Metaphorically speaking of course. Pharmacologically, no -- there were some courses I never partook of when feeding my head!

Great clip, Elaine -- and quite the blast from the past!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, it is appropriate these days.

And yes, we will all 'feed our heads', namely, get information and use it!

I was a little embarrassed about being one of the early freaks (we didn't call ourselves 'hippies') but as I get older, I am happier to have been a total freak.


I was there too, more or less. The great days when BEING THERE could be so disconnected from just "being there." I never did DMT (most of the other mind expanders, yes), but I will force everyone to do it once a month when I take over. You should know that it's the only thing that could save us now.

But steer well clear of TV weather reports when you're on the stuff. I have heard of so many cases of death by laughter.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

In San Francisco, there really was no need for weather reports. Heh.


"A terribly young Gracie Slick warbling about White Rabbits and hookah smoking caterpillars."

I have that album (Yes, album. Vinyl, and everything.) I a few years younger than you but it still made sense in the 70s.


Alice was very popular in those days when 'eschew reality' was the motto. While I lived in NYC then, I never attended the Fillmore East on St Marks Place because I was an opera and classical music aficionado and still am; but I did attend several performances on Andre Gregory's play Alice on Wonderland. At one performance, Gregory's friend Richard Avedon brought a collection of his motley fashion rich while the cast from Orlando Furioso, then playing in a park, also was in the audience. That audience was almost as surreal as the play.

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