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Eddie Hunter

I wish that resolution came from someone other than Cynthia McKinney, it would have more be more effective.
Being a Georgian watching Cynthia and her father getting in one politically fiasco after another for many years we come to realize she does more for the show of it than for the substance.
I think she lost all politically clout she "clouted" a Congress security guard.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

She is a black sheep in a dozen ways. I am a black sheep too.

If she were politically correct she would be a tool of the state. She is an outsider and thus free to act and to say and do things that makes the ruling elites angry.

DO NOTE that every 'flub' she makes is BROADCAST far and wide. Ruling elitist tools can literally rape Congressional male pages and murder people like Laura killed her ex boyfriend AND YOU NEVER HEAR ABOUT IT.

The antics of the Bushes made the news only after we bloggers pushed like hell. I know this for a fact, for the last ten years I have revealed Bush antics and NEVER did the media pick up the obvious.

Did you read the facts about Laura Bush killing her ex in the mainstream news? No?

HA. See how you are manipulated?

Eddie Hunter

It was from either you or Michael Moore that I learned of Laurel Bush's poor high school boy friend.
Elaine, I have learned a lot from you and I really appreciate you consistently attacking the establishment. I really respect you. But, I have to disagree with you on this. I have watched Cynthia McKinney on my local news many years now. And what my opinions are based on is not what the media said but what she said out of her own mouth.
But I agree that Bush should be impeached. He has cost many solders lives for no apparent reason and abused his power every which way, which I am grateful for you in pointing it out.


I cannot understand why this has not been reported. I thought it was a spoof. Even if this woman is a political animal, a charge of impeachment brought by any member of Congress should be in the news.

What is the deal?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

When the 'smart' people are all STUPID and the nasty people are SMART, what does that say?

Up is down and in is out and cold is hot and the FALSE IS TRUE.

The fact is, she and only she stood up to the Machine of Death. Like Murtha, and she, like Murtha, is being savaged for this by a bunch of TRAITORS. We continue down this path, the one the 'good' politicians are trotting down, this path leads straight into the dragon's lair.

To death. Is McKinney's replacement calling for impeachment? No?

Death is a harsh master.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And DeVaul, of course this isn't in the news. It is obvious why. They report only what they want to control. Whole forests of trees go crashing down in total silence thanks to our media guardians.

The net only makes a small noise as these giant trees crash to the ground. I try my best.


Wow. I know that most things are hidden from us, but I must admit shock at this. I cannot believe that not even one tabloid tried to make some money off of this.

We are truly in the world of Pravda now. I do not watch any news anymore, as I know it is all scripted and laundered before being hung out to dry right in our faces.

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