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Why bother with all that impeachment codswallop? The Constitution says they can simply be removed. The endless arguments about the impeachment of supreme court justices are foolishness. The Constitution clearly states that supreme court justices may serve only during good behavior. The minute the House and Senate decree a Sense of Congress to the effect that a supreme court justice is ill-behaved, that justice is history. Sure, the entire supreme court would make a half-baked show of trying to review the situation. But the justices who allowed such a travesty to come before the court would be dispatched forthwith as well.

The supreme court justices have all solemnly sworn to protect the Constitution, and they willfully violated that solemn oath on the day they denied the presidency to Al Gore, and coroneted George W. Bush. Congress must stop this treason before it is too late.

Let the incestuous Federalist Society lawyers can cry all they want about how the honorable judges cannot be dislodged from their thrones because of the nature of their decisions, Everybody knows the checks and balances idea has been exploited beyond redemption.

So just remove them. While they are at it, Congress should make it illegal for judges and presidents to violate their oath of office, and ignore the spirit of the Constitution. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

At this rate, the chances of a military coup is very high and rising.

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