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Well, we are now using and have been using all the same words we used during Vietnam. We are going to "pacify" Baghdad, "sweep and clear" enemy strongholds, and the word Viet Cong has been replaced by "insurgents".

We are now forced to use the exact same tactics to fight the insurgents, even though the terrain is the exact opposite of Vietnam. This is extraordinary! As in Vietnam, we must now farry our troops by air because the ground is too dangerous for them to travel over. This means that our helicopters will be shot down while carrying entire squads of men.

Thick jungles that provided excellent cover for point-blank ambushes do not exist in Iraq, yet our men are dying in the very same way. The IED is just another form of ambush at point-blank range. It does not matter if you can see for miles in all directions. What matters is if you can tell the difference between a roadside bomb and a common stone while traveling at 30 mph. If you cannot, you are dead.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Cities are more dangerous than jungles! Read about Stalingrad, the house to house sniper/hand to hand combat there. Amazing.

In such battles to the death, the home team usually wins in the end.

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