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"I remember Clinton."

So do I. Clinton wrote the playbook on dealing with Congressional investigations: stonewall, obfuscate, stall, eat some clock. There's only 20 months or so left for the Dems to do whatever.


"Arrest Cheney for shooting people in the face...

Do we want to arrest everyone who has a firearms accident? Or just Cheney?

"...and lying about war..."


"... and outing a CIA undercover agent."

But "all over the world, our CIA commits vast crimes in order to kidnap innocent people and torture them, overthrowing governments, starting wars and stealing stuff", so how is outing a CIA undercover agent a bad thing?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I was joking. Cheney's death list is identical to Saddam's. Who was executed for it. So time to execute Cheney.

And I am happy to see you are a traitor. Being a right winger, you can't help it. Heh.


I gotta say isn't saying, "yes Rove and Gonzales can testify but no transcript can be kept and they can't be put under oath" the same as saying, "yes Rove and Gonzales can testify but they are going to lie and we don't want proof of it or for them to get into trouble for it"?

And I agree this is the equivalent of issuing a speeding ticket to the guy fleeing an armed bank robbery.



Well, they got Al Capone on tax evasion, not murder; and Al was an altar boy compared with the Bushes.

It would be a small victory indeed to see Bush's "culture of lies" brought down by the US attorney fiasco, but I'll take what I can get from the timid Dems in Congress.


Hey: DaliWood:

You are ever the smart WOG!!!

What's a WOG?

Yeah, right.

The rest of us are not totally stupiid, actualy.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

We cannot convict our own rulers for the crimes which we happily hang people we defeat.

This is why all our bloody rulers are punished for the most petty of crimes. It is all a farce.


Sorry, DaliWood. My 'WOG' thing was wacko. I have to shut off the damn computer after I take my sleeping pills.

Also, I really appreciate the way you write. Your words are always so fine.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I really love Daliwood. And he is a wonderful writer.

Indeed, everyone who posts here is fascinating. The depth of commentary is quite inspiring. I love to read everyone.

Thank you, everyone.


This is a load of uneducated unproven propaganda. If the US people were more educated, bull sh** like this would never get to anyone. A prime example of this article's stupidity is the comment that the Supreme Court weasled in Bush over Gore. Al Gore lost the electoral college despite his majority in the popular vote. As per the Constitution, the popular vote does not matter. The winner of a presidential race is the one who secures a majority in the electoral college. Research stuff before posting mindless propaganda, please.

By the way, I, too, am anti-Bush.


Since the mood of today is casual. off-the-cuff, or should I say off-the-wall I would like to step and say, despite the threat of Israeli cyber hackers and English legal Beagles, clicking on to Elaine's superb analysis and commentary is educating fun at it's best. The first self-portrait in the antique store window was a post-modern masterpiece. Your work is appreciated Elaine.

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