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Suusi M-B

Yeah Yesterday the Students of Virginia Tech found out the hard way what life is like for ordinary Iraqi and Afghans, when uncle Sam calls.

US forces and mercenerys prolly killed that many Iraqi'a and Afghans today, but who cares they are Americans.

Will a lesson be learned, no chance there are no big bucks to be earned.

Have you seen the game postal and postal 2 ? best described as a serial killers training simulator.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yes, video games do teach people the techniques of killing and stalking. Culture does matter.


Very sad that so many people die. Im confused tho? You believe the goverment killed Martin Luthor King? And lets say the goverment were they to spy did not have the technology all that time ago to be sophistacated enough to catch those people. And this Davidian thing is outreagous... you have quite an imagination.... certainly I hope tho that nobody would threaten to "kill" you over handing out anti war pamphlets unless there was something terribly offensive in them.


I can not agree with what you wrote really....
please explain further a bit more for me :d


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Also many other actions may be undertaken by military forces during a war, this could include weapons research, prison internment, assassination, occupation, and in some cases genocide may occur.

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