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I like most of what I have read from you, but your take on firearms I just cannot agree with. You can work with the police all you want, but they are not our personal bodyguards. It is a person's job to protect themselves, and the police's job to investigate crimes. The cops response time is at least 3 minutes ( most of the time much more ), if you have a person intent on harming you or your loved ones that's 2 min and 59 sec longer than they need. If I am able to solve the problem without my firearm I will, my firearm is the last resort. Unfortunately, In more than one instance, if you have multiple assaliants jump you to beat you to death, you have only two choices, live or die. I chose to live. The cops usually showed up 5 to 10 min after the fact.

Bernie Palmatier

You, J. Mench, appear to be of sound mind and, when considering a threat to yourself or your "loved ones" suggest that use of your firearm would be a last resort. Hmmm...obviously your decision on a "last resort" status of a confrontation would last less than 2 minutes & 59 seconds before you would reach for your instrument of defense. I suggest that you, sir, are as capable of losing control of your temper as any other human with an level of emotions and that is where most firearm deaths occur -- conflicts between related people and friends!
Seldom are multiple people stabbed to death. Possibly a course in conflict resolution, non-deadly defense weapons (mace, stun guns, guns which fire a "knock-down" projectile, etc.)you can carry...or simply avoiding neighborhoods where "multiple assailants jump you to beat you to death" would help.
Some years ago I contemplated getting a handgun for defensive purposes. My very best friend asked me one simple question: "Could you fire without warning?" After much introspection and visualization of such a situation my answer had to be "no". "Therefore," he said, "you have now removed the options from the intruder/assailant who will then be forced to open fire if s/he is armed." Wow! I thought...even tellers in banks and cashiers in convenience stores are told to simply give the robber the money and we seldom, if ever, hear of one of them being shot or harmed.
Ghandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King proved the efficacy of passive resistance. Japan has proved how the outlawing of guns reduces the number of homicides. (They make it simple: "Anyone caught in public with a firearm is a criminal".)
So...if you don't think handguns in public should be restricted, what do you suggest we do about our wonderful reputation in the world as being the most violent country on earth? Maybe doing more of the same and expecting a different result really is the definition of insanity.
Although I hate war -- which means I qualify as a pacifist -- and abhor the fact that guns are designed to kill things I can remember several occasions in my life where I "lost it" and something bad would have happened had a gun been near.
I support regulation and registration for numerous reasons, have no problem with rifles and shotguns for hunting -- especially when kept under lock and gun until time for the target or I'd even accept some recommendation on your part for preventing the accidental deaths of children.
I am tired of the mantra "Guns don't kill people; people kill people." But without a gun the "people who kill people" would have difficulty killing 32 in a matter of minutes.
So, to defend yourself and your family you would support the right of the mass killer to have access to his weapon, right? How wrong.


I agree with most of your intent, but have big diferences with some of your points. I do not like either "approved" parties of the US Gov't so I speak as a free thinker. Your stance on guns is slanted to the liberal mantra of let the government protect you. We are the leader in murder and violence in the world because the USGovt and States will not enforce existing laws. For example, when someone commiting a felony is in possission of a handgun there is a mandatory 10 year sentenence for the handgun and EACH round either in the gun or on his person. Do you know that the government only procecutes about 10% of the time?? By Dept. of Justice figures 87% of violent crime committed on the streets is by someone paroled or not fully sentenced per the full extent of the law. If you want to reduce crime, put the people who deserve it in jail. I am talking about violent offenders. Do you know that the average sentence for murder in the US is less than 8 years; for rape, less than 6 years; and for child molestation, less than 4 years?? You should spend more time advocating mandatory jail sentencing.
As to your solution of non-lethal weapons, most of them are banned in a lot of states so you can't even get them. And you should do your research on multiple stabbings, they do occur more than you think.
And one more thing, it is disingenuous to compare a society like Japan's to the US. They are a mono-ethnic people steeped in family tradition and honor so they tend to think alike on a societal scale, while the US is comprised of many groups and less of a group-think society that empahsizes individuality.
And one other thing. Even one accidental child death, whether from a gun or bicycle or swimming pool is sad, but guns are the LEAST cause of child accidental deaths, and the rate has been going down for over 10 years. Ten times as many children die from drowdings and from bicycle accidents than from guns.
To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, the government should be made afraid of a well armed citizenry.


One more thing. You use Japan to make your no guns argument. But like a lot of anti-gun people and groups in America do, you avoid examples of what harm can happen when a total ban is put in effect. You should look at the figures from Britan and Australia, both of whom have banned guns, Australia just receintly. Both countries are experiencing a big surge in criminals using guns in crimes. This info is not well known in the US because it does not serve the nanny-state mindthink. You and similar thinkers on guns forget one thing, criminals don't care about gun laws, they are criminals. I live near DC and since the gun ban there, it has been the murder capital of the US almost every year. LESS GOVERNMENT - MORE FREEDOM!!

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