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"The blue collar class which is the backbone of any society, is so oppressed and crushed under debts here in the US, they see no hope, being hired for a lifetime in some industry, they have been told, they must fend for themselves and be rootless, moving from job to job across the country or if displaced, removing themselves entirely via crime or death."

GOD, that's a terrible sentence! Don't you wish schools would teach English instead of "language skillz"?

"Do note that the 'war on drugs' was launched as we lost the Vietnam War."

A-hem. DO note that the US has been warring on one drug or another since the end of WW I. (See: Prohibition, Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914, etc.

"I have seen up close when a whole city revolts. More than once, including in Europe in 1968. The new, right wing French President will learn this the hard way next year. There will be riots and insurrections there."

Perhaps a few, but not to any great extent. After all, the French just elected a guy who says the soixante-huitards sent the whole country down the toilet. The Sixties are over.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Sixties are actually beginning in ernest soon.

I was in France when they last had their big shingding. It was fun.


So write a "France" article soon!

Given a choice between "more of same" (Segolene Royal) and "let's try something different (Nicholas Sarkozy), the French went with "different".

I don't think this will be a big shindig - the cultural conditions are not at all the same as they were 40 years ago.


As far as shindigs go: while it is true that the sixties are over and modern culture in the US is less rebellious, if any type of shindig were to occur it would be much uglier due to a modern youth culture that is more violent and less idealistic. I know little about French culture, but I hear that the people likely to riot this time around are poor immigrants who don't feel they are truly citizens of France.

If this is 1965 or so, leading up to 1968-1969, then where are the political musicians, Jack Keroac, and Henry Miller? Back then they had ideas and still failed, imagine how it could unfold this time around.

I do think that the next decade will be a wild ride, but it will be more senseless and destructive than the sixties.

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