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HAHAHA - keep going Elaine :D

Robert G.

Casting the UV rays of objective journalism into the dank, creepy dark places most folks choose to overlook. Go for it!!!! Good job. Here's to the U.S. constitution.... as brilliant now as it was a few centuries ago.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I can't believe they removed the letter from my email box. I want them to also know, they must MAIL ME this letter so I can legally respond with a letter saying I removed the article and replaced it with a much better one.

Heh. This mailing a letter claiming they can't talk to me is ILLLLLLEEEEGGGAAAALLLL. They can try to get my server to drop me. So be it. But they cannot go around me, they must confront me directly. I am eager, I am happy, I am very pleased to hope they begin sending me letters directly. Talk about cheesy.


"Well, the Queen would certainly not like to dine with me. First, I look like her because I am also related to German upperclass people on my father's side. Second, thanks to my mom, I have a stiff upper lip."

Yes, but how are your table manners? You don't plant both elbows on the table and dig in like a lumberjack, do you?

"...we trust that you are a responsible organization..."

Did TypePad tell you to take it down? I've noted that you get a bit strident sometimes, but you've done nothing illegal under US law. There's lots worse out there in the blogosphere.

I think you should write the Queen a nice note. "Dear Liz, Kindly shove it all the way up. Complete directions to follow. Your friend, Elaine."

Elaine Meinel Supkis

My ancestors told George III to jump in the lake. He tried to arrest them but they had these thingies we call 'cannons' and 'guns.'

Elaine Meinel Supkis

And Typepad didn't take anything down. They back me up 100%. I took it down because I wanted to rewrite it to make it more obvious.


My, my, my. A letter from Dechert LLP—a gang (or would they prefer group? collection? association? gaggle? herd? nest? flock? pod?) of attorneys who, according to one website (, use more than 100 of them to --

“actively engage in the firm's alternative fund practice, which includes more than 500 hedge funds, other alternative investment funds, and fund sponsors, managers, and service providers. We advise clients on a broad range of alternative investment funds, including equity and fixed income hedge funds, commodity pools, funds of funds, and other specialized funds, and on a full range of issues and transactions relating to such funds. Our Financial Services Group is recognized as one of the leading advisers on legal matters relating to the investment management industry.”

500 hedge funds? My goodness, I bet there hasn’t been this much heartburn among London’s elites since the twice-divorced Wallis Warfield Simpson worked her way into the royal family—a lucky break for the current monarch, however, as she would be little more than a minor royal without ol’ Wallis beguiling Liz’s Uncle Edward.

Let us know if you establish the Elaine Legal Defense Fund. You already know more than most attorneys, but if you need one, some of us will help foot the bill.

P.S. What the hell are “funds of funds”?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Yup. Fund of funds is this bay in Canada, the Bay of Fundi Fund. Lots of whales and cod there.


"funds of funds of funds of funds...."

I see this everyday at work. Every business engaged in financial shicanery will have several names, all of which must appear on the Complaint if they want to go to court for some reason.

It starts out with a parent company or major subsidiary, and then follows with "dba" (doing business as) and "aka" (also known as) and on and on.

Most of the names are just holding companies, but their main purpose is to create firewalls between the end business and the parent company (the true owner).

They also make it difficult to track fianancial transactions when under investigation by federal or state authorities or even persons filing private lawsuits against them.

Basically, it has the same effect as wiping away your footprints as you walk over to the rocks or a streambed in order to make your escape, just like in all the Westerns.

Financial hell hounds love Westerns.

Good job, Elaine!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is where my Watchers become very useful.


Dear Elaine,

I wrote a rap for you.

Your friend,


Elaine Meinel Supkis

Arthur better watch out for drive-by shooters if he is total homey boy.




Daliwood - "Funds of funds" are funds that invest in other funds. Instead of trying to pick the best performing mutual fund, you can buy a "fund of funds" that actually invests in several (or hundreds) of the best performing funds. It's not much different than just splitting your money among several funds, except this way you do it by buying one fund (that's their selling point).There may even be "funds of funds of funds" that buy only "funds of funds" but I don't know of any specifically.


Nicely scathing, by the quality of your enemies you are awesome.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thank you, Judah.

And yes, funds of funds of funds are also called 'TRUSTS' which is the machine for financing that destroyed all our banks from 1929 to 1933,

a drop in the ocean

Hedge funds: Hedging your bets, i.e., a type of gambling where one bets that a stock will rise or fall. The contracts (bets) come due the third Monday of each month (in the US). Bet the wrong way, you loose all of your money. It's Vegas, baby.

The bets are called "puts and calls". A put is bet that the stock price will go down, a call is the reverse.

Prior to 9/11, some placed puts on United and American Airlines. Someone bet those stocks would tank. After 9/11, millions won remained unclaimed. Someone knew what was coming down. It has never been revealed who that someone was, but the name Stern was mentioned. Now, interestingly, another anonomous someone has bet big time that the market is going to crash by the thrid week of September. If they lose, they lose a billion US FRNs. With loose nuke floating around, Chertoff's "gut feelings" about a disaster in the US ("terrorist"), the Decider issuing EOs to make himself dicator, and all sorts of strange military exercises coming up, this is not good.

Elaine, who are your watchers? Are you a monarch (and I don't mean royal blood)?

a drop in the ocean

Britain is the NUMBER ONE ENEMEY of the people of America. They have their tentacles in every chaos causing, social engineering foundation, NGO, schools, and other mind control facilities. They are behind illegal immigration into the US. They fund the latino lobby. Cahnces are, when a REAL 9/11 investigation is conducted, we will find the UK. Better read up on Tavistock and the Committee of 300 to find out who the enemy is, so you know when the THSF. This little letter from the queen lizard's minions is a mere example of this scum.

a drop in the ocean

I was hoping you would say who your "watchers" are.


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In America, we have freedom of speech. If a group or gang or mob of lawyers wish to be called something, something else, they are free to do so. But if I want to call them something unflattering, I may do so if it is a metaphor and appropriate. And so I prefer to tell the truth, as I see fit.

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Go after it.
Get rid of it.

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