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Wonderful commentary. The depictions of Russia, China and Iran speak the truth. I also loved (from a previous cartoon) the USA as the fatted goose.


The neoscum should by now know that at the very minimum, the financial backing of China is in jeapordy if they decide to unilaterally attack, and that China is at a minimum prepared to engage in economic warfare. The backing of Russia is even more of a problem for the lunatics since Russia is a real military power, with weaponry the neoscum can't ignore. Thankfully both powers are cooperating in containing the beastie ( the US ). Against their fervent desire for more carnage, the neoscum may have peace imposed upon them.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

China has a long range plan. Once they and Russia gave up on making a deal with America (ergo, Taiwan, for example, in Russia's case, reeling in the former colonies on its borders)---they have been hard at work building a new machine, one that will destroy us.

This shouldn't have happened but the right wing cold warriors desperately wanted this to happen and ditto the military/industrial megacomplex.

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