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Great commentary as usual. Keep it up!


I second that.
- Andrew


I think you are absolutely correct. WWIII, or as I like to call it World War W (Dubya), has formally begun.

I doubt that Hu will go back home and argue that China should give the US a little more currency rope. The noose is going to tighten now; and the idiots that run the country and the morons who follow them won't be able to imagine any response except war.

Starting in Iran and spreading all over the Middle East and parts of Asia, and if we are unlucky (and we are), ending here in the good old USA.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Chinese will give us more debts. They, like everyone, plan to bankrupt us and they have contingency plans for our bankruptcy. Anyone who yaps that they can't afford to bankrupt us because it will hurt THEM is not a good judge of history.

The pain this will cause them might be uncomfortable. The pain it will cause us is the end of the American empire and perhaps raging civil war.

Alexei McDonald

It's rarely wise to attribute the behaviour of historical personages to pure stupidity. It's also lousy history. I'd look more to the internal contradictions of the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires than I would to the supposed consequences of inbreeding among the crowned heads of Europe, for a start.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bad leaders=bad situations. Everyone knew the kings and emperors were stupid. This is why everyone was so frustrated by the inability to stop the wheels of war from turning. Always, historical forces move towards conflict and this is why having SMART leaders matters!

Rushing heedlessly in to the dark tunnel of war because one is stupid is a ridiculous tragedy. Alas, it happens a lot because stupid people inherit governments just like Bush, for example.

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