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This Old Brit

** For Bush and Blair to order Iraq to do what neither will do at home is irritating and I wish both men could be put on CIA secret planes and flown into Iraq and let these Katzenjammering twins poke Iraqi voters in the eyes, personally. **

Well, that certainly gets my vote, Elaine.

And what the hell do these lying cowards mean when they say they have "spent" blood?

The only thing these crooks have spent, and still are spending, is my money and yours --tax-payers money. Meanwhile, they tell us they can't afford to take care of the most vulnerable of "their own".

And, the only blood-connection with them is, the ever deepening lake of innocent blood that they've brought about.

They are both beneath contempt and beyond redemption.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Correct as eternally, always, Richard.

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