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Rob in

For some reason, Bush's treatment of Hu makes me more convinced that Bush intends to attack Iraq and soon.

You don't trash the place just before the landlord arrives unless you just don't care if you get to live there anymore. China and Japan are our landlords; Bush just gave China a big "fuck you! You're not so big!"

And I think Bush intends to emphasize this insanity by taking away China's closest, most prolific supplier of oil, Iran, and real soon. Bush isn't able to think any further ahead than "that'll teach those chinks to respect me". He's a puppet so he didn't come up with the plan to attack Iran himself. His controller did, and Darth Cheney must see some upside to his interests in an out of control conflagration in Iran.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Rove might be arrested soon. Another reason for war.

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