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This Old Brit

Rice, Straw, Bush, Blair, Rumsfeld, Cheney et al should all be forced to watch this, over & over.

Though primarily made with the upcoming UK local elections in mind, it should be watched & heard by every man, woman and child. Be they American, British or whatever.

Some images are graphic, but so what? It's because so many so-clled civilised people still have their heads stuck firmly in the sand, that Blair & Bush Co can continue doing this. Doing it my name. And doing it in your name, too.

As corny an old well worn a phrase as it sometimes sounds, I still believe that together, we all CAN make a difference.

Ask Elaine, she and her peers [my generation] did in the US, with Nam. So please help me distribute this far & wide.

Now, please look, listen and weep.

Thank you.


Gen. Zinni, when calling for Rummy's resignation, was so right in pointing out that the errors were strategic, not tactical: . I'm not sure if Condi knows the difference, but if she does, she predictably opted to lay the blame on the military, not the conspirators.

Thanks for the link, Old Brit. It's a powerful message worth spreading.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

HI Daliwood! Long time, no see!

Thanks for the link, Richard.

This Old Brit

Elaine & Dali, you're both very welcome.

And I hope you're soon back to your old self, Dali.

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