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Asia Times (4/18/06) reports Mongolia, Iran, India and Pakistan will become full members of SCO. Growing into a pretty significant block.

I like the graphics, they have improved greatly and are an impressive addition. A lot of effort is going into this blog-thanks.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

My artistic abilties and style is pretty old, actually, but doing computer art is a specialized skill and drawing on a pad while watching a screen is very tricky especially parallel lines or things going sideways. Slowly, I am training the hand and eye.

I love doing the cartoons. I play music and draw and some stories I pick just because I can draw pretty stuff.

As for the new-forming coalition: it will be very formidable simply because it is forming around a big, fat, ball of HARD CASH. All we can offer now is to suck up all available bank funds leaving other countries with no money to spend on themselves!

big al

What do you mean, you are going into the assassinate route. Eisenhaur had Patrice Lumumbo assassinated ,Nixon and Kennedy tried to have Castro murdered.

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