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The rulers use the power at their disposal to rob and plunder, for themselves. They perceive themselves more as brigands than beggars, who get to plunder on with their victims' looted treasure.

You are absolutely correct, that Russia and China are ultimate targets, and that the impending attack on Iran is but a stepping stone to this ultimate goal. Much like Genghis, they amass their riches on the broken bones of the world.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Only if Gengis were Goofy. And Rummy is Donald Duck. Cheney is Scrooge McDuck.

Cartoon characters all.


Sadly true Elaine. Revenge of the Spoiled Frats :-(

By the way, you might enjoy listening to Michel Chossudovsky on the Wednesday ep of Guns and Butter which airs on KPFA weekly. He discusses the impending war with Iran. Here's the link :

and the link for Global Research is :

Elaine Meinel Supkis

I read Chossudovsky. He is a good writer. Thanks for the links, ducky.


This is also utterly irrelevant. If Walmart has debts of $5 billion it is still in a much better shape than a Guatemalan coffee shop that has $10 billion in the bank.

Economics 101.

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