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I am surprised that Ron Paul has not been assassinated. Perhaps his yes votes for war money are what keeps him alive.

I have been wondering for a long time now why he is allowed to even speak in Congress, considering what he has to say.


Audrey's Ancient Egypt

[...] "The omission of Orion's head and legs in the constellation of Orion, illustrated above, is immediately noticeable. It would seem that Orion has had his legs and his head chopped off!
"A similar practice was observed by the Knights Templar five and a half thousand years later when they were buried. By adopting this practice the deceased Knights Templar became as one with Orion and, by implication, Osiris. The "skull and crossbones" … Orion's missing head and legs … were also adopted by the Knights Templar as their emblem, their symbol of recognition.
"As we shall soon discover, the severed head of Orion is in fact the Sun. Moreover it is the headless Orion which is the source of legends about severed heads" [...]

So this all started long before Moses.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Interesting, Blues. And they stole Pegasus' body and gave it to Andremoeda.

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