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Didn't Ahmedinajahd of Iran just pay a state visit to Saudi Arabia, as well? Sooo many interesting meetings lately.

Meaning lots of idea-sharing and attitude-adjusting ... coordination, in a word.

As in, fashioning a common response if Bush attacks Iran.


Common response? From whom?

The US, Iran, and Russia are all now telling wildly different stories about a single nuclear project that is not even the subject of sanctions. If this is triangulation, its time to pack our bags and go home.

This is more like strangulation -- of the truth. This is the ultimate human quagmire: when no one can believe anyone about anything. Long live Byzantium!

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Everyone is lying! Hahaha. What a shock.

Expecting lies, I find all of this rather amusing. All one has to do is track certain things and everyone and I do mean EVERYONE playing the diplomacy game is watching the destruction of the American economy with bated breath.

So far, Americans are unaware of their precarious situation vis a vis the mountain of debt we have accumulated this last seven years.

But you can bet, the bean counters of all these other nations are tracking every penny. And preparing for a major restructuring of diplomatic power.

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