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"China examines Japanese textbooks for lies about WWII all the time. They have huge diplomatic rows over this."

Last year: diplomatic row. This year: high-level state visits.

"The NYT editorial chastises Pelosi for trying diplomacy in a situation that has used only guns to gain ground."

Pelosi needs chatising. If she asserted that Israel is ready to talk, and it isn't... the Israelis made her look kinda stupid, didn't they?

"The Chinese are delighted to follow in our wake..."

You liked the Chinese much better when they were poor Maoists standing knee-deep in rice paddies, didn't you?

"And so the credibility of this Iranian we kidnapped is very high."

It is? With whom - other Iranians?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

You know Smith, if you wrote smarter, it would make you look better.

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