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"'There is extensive torture even for the smallest of infractions,' he said..."

He has no reason at all to lie, does he?

"The reason the Teamsters union and the Longshoremen's union won so many battles is, anyone breaking the strike was visited by the Mafia."

I, too, remember when "Teamsters" was synonymous with "organized crime". Those were the good old days!

"The Republican candidates lusting for Stalinist powers should be arrested."

For what? Lusting for Stalinist powers?


Actually, it probably is illegal to promote the violation of human rights.

Here in Massachusetts, we know all about Romney. He spent HUGE amounts on, well, nobody seems quite sure what he spent it on, but the new governor, Patrick, is trying to put things back together.

The so-called 'liberal blogs' are remarkably unwilling to oppose wars, demand justice, etc. The reality is that even some so-called conservatives, like Ron Paul, are vastly more liberal than the so-called 'liberal blogs'. Of course, nobody at these 'liberal blogs' is allowed to say that.

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Ron Paul is not liberal at all. He is a classic conservative and would have happily kept Jim Crow going and no civil rights for women, etc. Don't be fooled by his opposition to imperialism which is, by the way, admirable.

And very old-fashioned. At least he votes against funding these wars.

Beats by Dre

Reason binds the man.

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