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You know, this entire post is beyond ignorant.

What you know about naval deployments and strategy is too embarrasingly little to even comment on. You're just too stupid to stop posting this drivel and embarrasing yourself.

The Iranians don't attack us because they don't want to lose their pittance of a navy. They attacked the Brits a couple of months back because they could. They don't attack us because they have been told that if they do, they will get their balls cut off. We have been preparing for war with Iran for the past three years.

Now stop posting this billingsgate. You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Oh, and by the way, Nixon's visit to China was a brilliant strategy to leverage China against Russia. China had very little to do with us getting out of Vietnam. By the time Nixon arrived in Beijing, most of our troops had left Indochina.

A little research goes a long way.

Suusi M-B

Section9 drivelled:

"Now stop posting this billingsgate. You don't know what the hell you're talking about."

The Iraq war is lost, Afghanistan is lost. History will tell you why this is so, if anybody in power ever learnt anything from history.

The Idiot in the white house is bleeding the USA dry and selling you all out to his friends the Bin Lardens.


"China had very little to do with us getting out of Vietnam."

That seems a somewhat extreme statement, given that China was interested in the fate of its ally, North Vietnam.

There were several meetings of Henry Kissinger with the Chinese prime minister in 1970-71 (maybe others I'm not aware of) in which Vietnam was heavily discussed. It was in diplomat-ese and I'm no historian, but it looks pretty clear that in those discussions, Kissinger was negotiating over the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam. China was giving aid to its North Vietnamese allies, so if Nixon wanted to withdraw but was afraid that this would lead to a communist takeover, it makes sense that he would go talk to the Chinese about it. It also makes sense that at that time it might have been politically impossible to do it himself, so he would have sent Kissinger in his place.

"By the time Nixon arrived in Beijing, most of our troops had left Indochina."

Of course that is true, but it doesn't prove anything as I have tried to argue above. Nixon didn't have to go to China himself in order to negotiate with the Chinese. I'm not saying you're wrong, just that you can't make your argument based on that one piece of information.

"A little research goes a long way."

It is also very easy to jump to erroneous conclusions based on only one piece of information. I'm no expert here, so I'd love to see more information myself.


"A little research goes a long way."

Yes it does, so why don't you show us some?

Oh, and there is that other saying, much more popular and understood than yours:

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Google it to find out what it means. It most certainly applies to you. As for your new saying, I googled it and the top find was to increase "appointments" by making "cold calls". Again, that sounds about right.

Try to limit your cold calls to this site until you can actually drum up some real information to impart to us ignoramouses. Hmm?

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Heh. China actually betrayed North Vietnam with the secret negotiations with Kissinger! China and Vietnam came to blows right after we left!

As for the secret Chinese negotiations back then: my dad was involved. I know a LOT about those days. The Chinese even went out of their way to contact me directly to find out information for these negotiations.

Like Stasti and the KGB, all the spooks knew who were the CIA or US spooks and everyone spied on everyone else. My dad's name came up the ladder to Mao's attention via Chou Enlai. He got it from a Chinese rocket scientist who ran back to China during the McCarthy era.


That is fascinating. In some transcripts of those secret meetings there were also indications that already in 1970, China was looking to open up trade with the US.

What do you think a China-dominated world would look like? One can imagine both good and bad things. One good thing might be a massive shift to solar power. I wonder if opportunity on a personal level would be out the window though. (How do people in China qualify to get high-level education? Most of them surely do not.)

Elaine Meinel Supkis

They fight to go to school... they are fanatical about getting an education. This is very important.

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